What it is to be young . Lucinda my daughter,a hard up student, has taken to creating her own greetings cards for friends and family (Still waiting for mine) These personalised cards I think are infinately better than store bought anyday.
She prints out a suitable pic after intensifying the colour in Saturation. A pad of neon papers, holographic papers, computer generated halftone patternd paper, and punched out shapes,  are her materials. She finishes of with a dymo message and liberally sprinkles glitter, sequins and holographic hearts over the card. Then staples on acetate covers and writes on this with my cd pen( then forgets to give it back) I wanted her to do more, but says she's too busy
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sweetie card
Inside sweetie card
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Lucinda Allen CupCake Card
Lucinda Allen 21st greeting card
Let Luce
Lucinda is now creating her unique cards for you Send her a photo and she will make a bespoke and funky card for you. Details on her
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