Patti Sandham, 'flora'
Patti Sandham, 'eye of the beholder'
Patti Sandham, 'hopes and dreams'
Patti Sandham,impish
Patti Sandham, 'red rose'
Belinda Schneider, Quilt
What a wonderful thing to have those vintage images on your website to share. Here is some art I did with them to share back with you. I made 2 digital collages, "Impish" and "A Red Rose". The others are used as is on cards. Cheers Patti Sandham
Thought I'd upload some pieces I did recently using each a free image from art-e-zine
The art quilt has a face printed on fabric and the other one is printed on paper. Below is a collage on and an altered book page
You can find them in the vintage images and the vintage children's images folder. Thanks Gillian!
I so LOVE using these freebies!! :) Belinda Schneider
Belinda Schneider, 'xmas collage on paper'
I made this collage around the same time as I was making the ATCs Lisa Cook
Share your art with us . If you have used the free  resources of vintage images found on the site lets see it.
Thank you to these artists
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Lisa Cook  Collage 'for Erica'
Belinda Schneider, 'Souls Mingle' Collage on Canvas
Belinda Schneider, 'Bella' altered book page
Patricia Stewart, Fabric book altered page
Patricia Stewart Fabric book altered page
Patricia Stewart Fabric book altered page, detail
Lilla Le Vine, fabric fragment
I just completed an altered book using the free vintage images at your site. I would want you to approve them for your stunning web site. I use these images all the time
Lisa South, journal cover
I love the resource you have started!  The pictures are lovely, and such an inspiration!  Attached is a journal cover I did with a photo from your site. Lisa South.
Laurianna Murray Altered Book pages
Laurianna Murray Altered Book pages
Laurianna Murray Altered Book pages
I just started doing AB... matter of fact these are my very first pages! I was sooo excited when I found your pages and the images on them! THANK YOU! Laurianna Murray
Lin Frye, Oxford, NC, USA
Thank you so much for sharing your images ... here's some I did using your photos....
Lin Frye, Oxford, NC, USA, Easter Cards
Sylvie Ashton, London UK
Thankyou for sharing all the wonderful vintage pictures...I think they are just wonderful.
I have attached a card I made using 2 of the graphics on your site
Laraine Atherton
Edina Tien, slide back
Edina Tien, Slide front
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful vintage images you
have provided on your site.  I participated in a Christmas
ornament exchange and used one of the children's images as
part of a collage soldered between microscope slides.
Thanks again and keep up the great work on your website!
Carol Parker, digital artwork
Here are some pieces of digital art I created using the vintage photos found on your website.
Carol Parker, digital artwork. Lady Shrine
Barbara Maynard, journal covers
Barbara Maynard, journal covers
Barbara Maynard, journal covers
Thought you would like to see the journal I made using images from the site.  It was for a journal swap, and the recepient was thrilled!Thanks for such a wonderful resource.