Christina Lazar Schuler
Shauna Palmer
Stephanie Rubiano
Susan Cohen
Tara Ross
Shauna Palmer
Gillian Allen/portfolio for artistamps
Gillian Allen/Sketchbook artistamps
Silver Moon/
Tara Ross/detail
Marsha Siddoway
Fast Eyes
Sylvia Kleindinst
Sylvia Kleindinst/set of collages
Sylvia Kleindinst/set of collages
Sylvia Kleindinst/set of collages
Sylvia Kleindinst/set of collages
Sylvia Kleindinst/set of collages
Sylvia Kleindinst/set of collages
Sylvia Kleindinst/set of collages
Marsha Siddoway/detail
Helga Strauss/collaged coffee cup
Helga Strauss/collaged coffee cup
The art work on this page is inspired by Tuscany and somework has been submitted to the forthcoming Somerset Studio's theme of Autumn in Tuscany
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Valobra: Tuscany.... makes me think of acres of grapes, copper urns, and wines.
This paper mache pot was first covered with copper and colored metal
leaf and then aged with patina and liver of sulver for an antique look and
then several coats of varnish.  Simply embellished with hemp cord and beads.
Silver Moon:  My artwork is a collage done on a 6 1/2" wide x 13 1/2" long wood piece. The pocket is made of "Super Fresco" which can be found in the wallpaper section of your local home improvement storemade by Graham & Brown in UK and they have many embossed patterns to choose from. Super Fresco can be made to imitate the old tin ceilings from old homes. I used a variety of acrylic paints (Several layers) to make mine. The inside tag is a photo of an Italian villa and is also bordered using the fresco. The decorative piece on top is a glued resin piece. My project is randomly embellished with gold
Tara Ross: My Tuscany art piece is called "my sister".  I sent one intoSommerset that is an actual accordian book box.  The ones I did for the exchange don't have the accordian book in them, they are made from small match boxs.  So lets see what to call them,,, hmmmm,,,how about "mini framed gilded match box".  The stamps I used are new from Oxford Impressions! Love em!!
Gillian Allen: Tuscan Sketchbook Artistamps: I scanned in some oil pastel sketches Id done in my sketchbook when visiting the region some years ago. Reduced them in Paint Shop Pro, then took them into a DTP programme(I used Quark Express) did the perforation dots between the boxes and printed out using the ink jet. Made a small portfolio to put them in stamped Stampers Anonymous Principessa Postale creative block#21 cube and glued to marbled paper
Sylvia Kleindinst: I enjoyed creating the collages and used techniques we tried in the Jonathan Talbot workshop where you coat the papers with acrylic gel medium on both sides. Then you can arrange the materials on a coated board and put a sheet of release paper on top and tack them all down at once with a special iron.
   I found some pictures of ladies in "autumn costumes" in old Vogue
magazines and some textures from other ads or photos. The pictures of
the buildings were from a web site on Tuscany and I turned them into
paintings on Photo Shop. Fun to try to imagine the colors of the region
and get some feel for a place I've never visited.
Christina Lazar Schuler: The artwork is done on a black foamcore base, and using common wall compound, I trowel the compound onto the foam core being sure to leave a lot of texture. Then, set aside for 24hours to dry. Next using acrylics, glazes and metallic inkpads, I add colour to the compound in sweeping, translucent layers, building up a frescoed appearance on the compound. I then create a few collage oriented stamped pieces and layer them up on the backboard, and antique the whole thing with Antiquing Gel in a burnt umber, and voila... You're
Susan Cohen: My Tuscany memories are so distant in time for me, it's almost like a set ofpostcards. And, I had a set of Italian playing card stamps that just wanted to be included in the mix....It turned into a "Hand of cards"- a melange of art- David ,by Michaelangelo, and I could have addedfar more Italian images, but time and sanity do this in a way that i could use for an exchange was definitely a challenge
Fast Eyes: About the Tuscany piece - it was just a rectangular commercial paper mache "ornament" - covered with collaged pieces of "magazine" type pieces of  paper,  also stamped on other paper, gold leaf,  black tulle net, and a wax "seal" - edges bound with gold ribbon.  Attached to an identifying round tag.  Nothing very fancy.
Helga Strauss: I created a Tuscan inspired collage and inserted it in a
Starbuck's "create your own personalized cup". And voila! Sip your coffee with a taste of Tuscany!
Stephanie Rubiano:The face and the label were transferred onto polymer clay and cut out.  I pressed a stamp (Judikins) inked with gold pigment ink into alizarin crimson polymer clay, then cut out arms and legs.  I baked all of the pieces, then sanded and sealed them.  I assembled the doll using miniature brads.  The crown of leaves is from USArtquest. 
Shauna Palmer:Renaissance Muse Sponge paint purchased triptych frame with 3 coordinating inks, stamp flowers (Magenta) on outside with Versamark pad and emboss with two coordinating colors...stamp big words (Ma Vinci) on inside of frame and emboss, stamp lady (Renaissance Art Stamps) on glossy with permanent ink, tear out image and layer on handmade papers, attaching to a sponged and stamped (A Stamp In The Hand) tag tied with antiqued ribbon.  Attach handblown glass beads to oustide of frame as handles and wrap japanese fashion with antiqued ribbon for presentation. 
Marsha SiddowayWooden Tuscany tryptych.The background inspiration for this place comes from the center of Tuscany. It is taken from a work by Taddeo di Bartolo's Assumption of the virgin. It hangs in the Montelpulciano Cathedral, just about 40 kilometers from Sienna, the true heart of Bella Tuscany. From there, the piece moves to a funky format as this, more than happy waiter shares the autum wines of his valley.