Shari Myers
Deborah Seligman
Sharon Ronald
Tereasa Baker
Karen Rosselli
Subee Cornsoy
Tag Art is so much fun. An experimental platform where anything goes. Those new to rubberstamping can try out new techniques and ideas, becomming more adventurous and confident with each one. There is an amazing array of products on the market let alone thousands of interesting stamps to choose and play with. Even people who say they're no good at art find that they enjoy creating their own masterpieces.
Tag swapping is a natural extension of the process, whereby you can give and receive other's pieces of artwork, which can become treasured collectibles.
Lori Brofsky
This tag was one of the first I received in a swap and really convinced me of the artistic possibilities of the medium. Unfortunately the artist's name is not on it and I would love to give your credit.
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Natalia Excem Petiy
unknown at present
Gillian Allen/stamp by Magenta
Gillian Allen/stamps-top-Hero Arts,All Night Media,Blade Rubber,Rubber Stampede
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