Sylvia created 3 of these 3 dimensional star pop up books, all slightly different, for the Americana swap. They are so intricate and well made, they have a page to themselves. Although difficult I have tried to photograph as much as possible.
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I started working on the "Americana" theme by collecting many images of the flag and other symbols such as the Statue of Liberty and some antique post cards. I also have a set of paper dolls with patriotic themes.
  Next, I wanted to find a format which would best showcase all the images and the star book seemed like a perfect style since the book shape itself would echo the theme. After cutting three sheets of paper and gluing them together in order to get the proper length, I folded each one so there was a slight difference in the size of the pages. This creates the spaces and gives depth for the scenes. The openings were cut into each page and the various images glued to the sections. I used the largest pictures on the background and added smaller cutouts to the front sections.
  The top and bottom of the pages are red which was done with a marker and then the cover boards are glued on and end papers added to cover where pages were attached. When the book is opened by pulling the covers back and to the inside of the book, a star shape is created and one can enjoy all the little scenes.
    I have always been attracted to flag images and so this was a fun way to use some of my collection.
Sylvia Kleindinst