DeniseLombardozzi, hula girl
DeniseLombardozzi, seadance
DeniseLombardozzi, Misunderstood triptych
DeniseLombardozzi, triptych 1
Materials gathered for shrink art:
all colors of Polyshrink can be found here
Lucky Squirrel
for different effects
heat-set ink pads
rubber stamps
Diamond Glaze
Krylon gold leafing pen
heat gun
Fiskars hand drill
toaster oven (used for art only)
variety of embellishments...whatever appeals to your creative spirit!
Design Originals Shrinkart 101 book for inspirational instructions and ideas!
Once you have tried this stuff you will be hooked.The possibilities are endless,and since it is so lightweight it can be adhered to anything!Imagine...plastic that can be made to look like stone,ivory,bone and turquoise! It can be made into faux tiles,jewelry,frames,art dolls,dog tags,buttons and triptychs...that is just to get you started!
As a rule,always lightly sand the plastic in a cross~hatch pattern on one side,this gives it a good foundation for what you will do to it next.
The Polyshrink(Lucky Squirrel) I use will shrink about 60%...other brands may vary.
Apply chalks and/or inks LIGHTLY..remember that any colorant on it will intensify when shrunk!
Depending on the look you want,you may stamp on the plastic before or after shrinking.
You can PUNCH holes in it BEFORE shrinking or DRILL them AFTER.
Large pieces will shrink beautifully in a designated toaster oven,then you may want to use a heat gun to do any further heat setting.
The Triptychs measure approx. 4 1/2 x 7 1/2 Start with 2 full sheets of Polyshrink, 8 x 10 1/2,cut one in half.Use the full piece as the center part of the triptych and the two halves will be the can turn these which ever way is pleasing to you. Punch holes with a 1/4 inch punch. The smaller text on the "Misunderstood" piece was stamped before shrinking,the middle piece was stamped with the same text after shrinking. Once the piece has been shrunk,you can embellish to your hearts content! Pictures and embellishments are glued on. I use Diamond Glaze as my adhesive of choice, any that may ooze out from under is okay,I sponge more on to the piece to seal it anyway!.To finish,sand the edges,trim with Krylon gold leafing pen and lightly sponge Diamond Glaze over the top.
I found that the
Design Originals book "Shrinkart 101" was very helpful and sparked my creative imagination!
Personal info:
I am a self~taught mixed media artist living in St. Charles, Missouri with my husband of 22 years.We have three children and two cats. I work part~time as an Optometric Assistant and part~time at
Red Lead  art supply store.I contribute regularly to the Collage Cat Zine and ARTchix Studio.I am very fortunate to be surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family!
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DeniseLombardozzi, altered bandaid tin
DeniseLombardozzi, altered microscope slide holder, young love
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DeniseLombardozzi, Artists Trading Cards