I save brown paper bags and then paint them with acrylic paints and pearlex, using a brayer, and even my hands. Sometimes I fold them over
and pull them apart, whatever looks like needs to be done to get the effect I'm after. I just keep making them until I run out of paper, throwing them
wildly about the room as I keep going (funny, the cat loves this and they never mess up the carpet~!!)...when they are dry I take them outside
and seal them with matte acrylic spray. The box panels are cut from brown chipboard and are then covered with pieces of the handpainted paper and pressed between
heavy books overnight (art books and a Shakespeare anthology are perfect for this!). When dry they are assembled, holes are
punched, eyelets hammered in, and everything is stamped with Brilliance inks (they dry in minutes so you can keep creating). Then I can hunt  around for little trinkets to spark things up a bit.  One piece of nylon cording
is strung through the eyelets in two of the outer panels and another piece is strung through the other two panels pretty beads are knotted on the ends.  A third piece of cording is strung completely around the inner panels. The cording is tied together in a bows on the outside of the outer and inner box.  On some of the boxes I skip the eyelets and make a pyramid box top with a paper hinge to fit the top of the box and hold the panels together.  Beads and charms are strung together and attached to the pyramid lid to hold it down when the box is closed.

Stamps credits, Stampers Anonymous, Toybox, Just For Fun, Judikins, Stamp
Oasis, A Stamp In The Hand.
Shauna Palmer.
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