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Be agressive
When I first chose these pages to work on I thought I was attracted to
the word "lavender" and look what happened
It has long been my belief that words make the visual more stimulating
andmeaningful in altered books, not a lot of words are needed, sometimes
less is definitely more. It hasn't been easy for me to know how to choose
the right words...but I found a way to really channel my muse and it works
every time. The mystery of the word or words with this technique is
often the best part of all. I chose all of these words completely at random
from less than a -page scrap of paper from an old book titled "Man
discovers his body" (yeah, gritty stuff is good). I cut an intriguing word one at a time from the page, and then glued it down as I went, no fair cheating
and choosing the words in advance, that wouldn't be much fun. Musing and
dreaming works best  when it's completely random, the muse stirs and
her meaning emerges of its own accord. I really didn't know what I had
until I started moving the slide around in the pockets. It feels really good to
be aggressive and splash some bold paint around, smearing it around and
getting really into it.
Shauna Palmer 2003!