Saval is my art name, that I have adopted since my appearance in the mail art scene. I’m born in Milan, Italy, in a sunny day of mid July (in fact was a Sunday!) and since 1996 I live in the Czech republic with my wife and a dog.
Also if I did photography since my teens, I started to make more artistic works in 1985, after visiting an exhibition of ‘mail art’ in Varese (Italy). It gave me an impulse to imitate, to do something creative myself, in total freedom. The energy that sprung out of those works was so powerful that I frantically started to produce hundreds of postcards (my favourite format at the time). I worked (cutting and pasting, manipulating, tearing apart, destroying) on photos from magazines or from my own archive, to create completely new images with different feelings.
My favourite medium was and is collage. I love to play with paper, being it pictures, words, books, objects, and add them to another surface, glue, mix styles, add colours, create something that comes directly from my deep soul.
In the course of years I have quit the mail art network and returned, I have discovered new styles and learned about assembled objects, altered books, ATC. Now Im an active exchanger of Atc, for example. I love that mini canvas on which I can deliver some message.
I also developed more my skills in drawing and painting. I’m fully immersed now in art study and research.
The collage technique anyway is what represent creatively myself at the best. I will want to make in future what is called ‘mixed media collages’, shifting from paper only collages to more elaborated compositions.
Is also possible that I’ll develop something also in digital form. I own a scanner and a computer, so I would like to make more digital artworks too. I’m just experimenting now with Photoshop to learn some way to use it in a ‘personal’ way.
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