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My name is Pat Winter. I live in Indiana near the Dunes with my husband  and son. I love to collect laces,fabrics, beads, and old jewelry. Crazy quilting is my obsession. I like to make useful items such as purses, and small pouches to wear. I love to embellish using silk ribbon embroidery,shells, beads, and just about anything I can sew down. I make my own silk prints using copyright free images ,personal photos, and poems. I sell my pouches at a local bead shop and at Galleries in CA & MI. I recently entered a Quilting Arts "Alterior motives cloth book challenge", and I have hosted a Christmas pouch swap which was a success! I truly enjoy creating pretty things with scraps, after all, A thing of beauty , is a joy forever!!!!
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Eyeglass/cell phone case directions:
If making a crazy quilted case, cut from muslin a
3 1/2"x12" rectangle. Do your crazy quilting *(see below for instructions) on the muslin first. Cut a liner same size
(I use a satin fabric). If making a solid fabric case instead of crazy quilt, cut one liner and one fabric piece in that size. Set aside liner. Fold rectangle in half to make it 3 1/2"x 6". Embellish front of case as you wish. If using a purse clasp, place clasp on top of fabric and trace bottom of clasp arch onto fabric. This is where you will be sewing on. Do not trim away extra fabric. After embellishing, Fold fabric right sides together and stitch each side starting at where the clasp hinge would be to bottom. Turn right side out. For lining, sew the same way but do not turn right side out. Place lining inside of case. Press edges crisp. Take clasp and lay on front of case at top. Starting in the front center, stitch through holes in clasp going through both case & lining. Continue to hinge and then other half to hinge. Repeat other side. Trim excess fabric close to stitched threads . Add beads through clasp holes to hide them. To finish inside edge , glue fancy ribbon or trim around inside clasp. I use Bucilla large clasps for cases. They have a place to add a cord or chain.
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Travel Pouch  Pattern  from Lilla LeVine
Lilla LeVine  page of fabric art on art-e-zine
Keepsake Fabrics ebay store for fabrics/embellishments
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My method of crazy quilting:
Gather about 12 assorted fabrics that work well together. Cut a piece of muslin  a tad larger than the finished size  and shape that you want  finished project. Cut a fabric or silk print with five sides, any way you want as long as it has five sides. Place it in the center of the muslin right side up. Take a second fabric and lay on top of the center piece right sides together lining up the shortest edges  and stitch along that edge. Trim excess fabric from seam, flip and iron flat. Take a third fabric and lay right side down on top of the next edge of center fabric  .. Stitch, trim seam, flip & iron. Continue this on all five edges. Now you should have a center fabric with five different fabrics sewn to it. Trim the five fabric edges to straight lines, and continue adding until you go to muslin edge. Turn over whole pieced block and trim to muslin edges.Embellish!!!
A great source for CQ is any book by Judith Baker Montano. I love the silk ribbons from Pink Peppercorns and silk twist from Cam creations, Dover copyright free books is where I get my vintage prints to transfer.     Pat Winter 03
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