dear, sweet cyber-sister......i had SO much fun at the stamp show in Las Vegas!!!  dropped a wad of $$$ on the rubbah, and didn't gamble a nickel~he he : )
i got a K2DF entomological thingamajigger and two UM bees...both the same, one LARGE and one small...for gillian, I hope she likes them...they went out in the post today....there were lots of groovie beetles and d-flys, but not knowing how she might feel about them, i didn't get her any (I collect d-fly stamps...must have at least a 100 already)..thought about you when I saw the grandville stamps for some you know who this is? bugs dressed up like victorian gentility.. 
I only bought two kinds of mounted, stampers anonymous and a stamp in the hand (I love asith, yes they are not normally me style, but they are just perfect for direct to rubber painting!!)
letssee, I have lazar studiowerx... christina is a cutie and her (dh bf???) was really sweet...they were out of 1/2 the stamps I wanted
*they underestimated their popularity : )
their renaissance images rock!!
postscript studios is just awesome, you would love these girls. their art is crazy and ginny from s-anon told me that their booth and all their art is totally different at each show (I know what you and I will be doing when i convince you move to the US!!--we'll have our own line of stamps and ART)...ginny gave me a free stamp, took pity on me having to put so many things back when I decided that I just couldn't have it all!! I also collect nouveau (my other favorite beside renaissance) got a few of those at gotcha images. my favorite beeswax had 3 stamps I didn't have already, the geisha, the crackle b-ground and a bare-breasted nouveau fairy (ooo la-la)  picked up the elusive alphabet soup by dk stoneman at my favorite stamp store in LV, all the rage here in the U.S. and oh so hard to find.  3 frantic fran nouveau/deco ladies and one deco fairy, one new d-fly, and a stamp that says "passion"..he he, my other score was the stamp la jolla hula bunny wrapped up in a taco and five sayings to go with prolly don't know this one...will stamp it up and send you a'll laugh!! I'm predicting the next big ss ethnic resurgence in stamping to be mayan and got some of those...(i want to have a day of the dead swap, milagros, etc...very cool, got those stamps from postscript) a deco lady, kinda statue of liberty-like to use in ga's americana swap (uh -oh i'm committing myself now)...both big and little. 3 recipe in a jar stamps (I know, corny, but it's so easy at christmas time to make these, and my mom will use them too) all that was um btw....hmmm hmmm hmmm got lots of cool things to give away for my swaps or to use to make my swaps...dominos, lockets, paper stuff, some of those danish stencils (reminds me of my childhood, i'm just a little dutch girl at heart). had a marvelous time wish I could have stayed longer only got turned around and had to go back in the other direction once, so all in all a VERY good day.  am going to come up with some ideas and create my swap proposals for the sure to keep your eye on the swap does that sound?  good??? let me know what you are thinking...i love it when you send me sweet fractured little missives, I know you are an artist...what is radiant pearls made of??  some artists material and pigment and pearlex i'm sure, but what medium is it??????? kat runge made me a gorgeous sample at the show, signed, "paper moon, hope you're enjoying the rubber in hot hot las vegas, love kat"...what a goddess, she put her own personal energy into every piece she created for every admirer at the show and didn't complain even once.  radiant pearls gave away a basket of all their colors worth over $400...they will have a new video out in time for xmas that kat says doesn't have any of the mistakes they made in the first video (what mistakes?? i love that video!!!)....postmodern design's new video is fun and kathy martin is so open and free with her information and designs...she actually encourages us to copy and enlarge her images on a copier (what a goddess!!) sandie mccall (making gifts with rubberstamps--that sandie mccall) had a fabulous table of items made from the patterns in her book, i bought a handstamped velvet bag with beads for $14!!!  fabricfrogdesigns was another delight (check the belle armoire for keely's asian cat vest and purse, it was at the show and it is indescribable)...another goddess open in her soul and free with her experiences about how her art was!! I had so much fun. well i have a million things to do...need to create some swap thingy for hs, and then a stampsmith playing card thingy for the stampsmith.  and no, i don't feel confident about all the swaps...i really care about what i make and haven't gotten to the level where i feel that just any old thing will do...
I'm going to have to sign off for now, i'm not good at writing short messages and your brain will go numb if i don't stop and save something for later.  dh, said i could definitely go to AC2001!!...ttys, xo, paper moon
ps. will write soon about a new technique i learned in vegas!
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