Amagic art box that's bursting with as many materials as you could imagine. Hundreds of different textured papers, felt tips in whatever size you want in whatever colour you want (including dirty ones!) artist's pastels, chalk and charcoal, pencils--coloured and any softness of lead. Oil paints-thick loaded, gesso, turpsy,  pallet knife. Watercolours--any colour, thin and crisp or thick and dribbley. Cant afford an air brush--well here there is everything to suit your demands in rainbows of colour. How about some tracing paper with the photo under it ready to copy with some wax crayons-and maybe put some special effects on your photos. I'm not going on about it any further (oh alright I will) What is this total art studio,, well you'll never get your hands dirty and you don't have to clean up your mess after, hmm you might have guessed. Painter by Corel, is a natural media art programme that does as much as you would like it to do and more. I've been using it many years since vers2 on the Mac, when it was made by Fractal Designs and its now at vers9, and very sophisticated it has become. I find a Wacom a graphics tablet indispensable with this as it allows you to draw/paint/scribble as you would normally. I really cant begin to describe all the amazing feats you can achieve, and I'm always learning something new in it. I didn't tell you that it has an animation studio attached as well--not even looked at that yet. I'm sorry if I sound like a sales person, but I have had immense fun with this and thought, as so many people are becoming interested in Photoshop, it would be naughty to keep this cool bag of tricks to myself. I created these artworks for Shauna's  grunge atcs in Painter (I have vers 6 for the pc), so thought I would show them at their larger size. Using a punky type portrait to begin with I set about using brushes of bright colours, texturing with some stitch brushes, crayons, rubbers and whatever else I happened to click on. Layers are also an important part of Painter and are compatible with Photoshop. They can be used to create  effects with composite methods like pseudocolor and magic combine, extremely unusual or subtly enhanced. As I have worked with this prog for so long it becomes second nature, and can be used quite intuitively. The more its used the more you understand it--so yes it can all seem a bit overwhelming  at first. There is of course a large heavy manual to explain it all, but if you just try a few things at a time and build on your experiences--you can master it, and enjoy to its full potential. I always regard what I do here as totally experimental-always improving and discovering new ways of using it. And apart from purchase price, (which when I last checked was surprising cheap in the US) the unlimited supply of paper and materials, and space to keep them all in order, has helped save a few pennies and allowed free expression without the usual waste. So I really haven't touched the surface of describing all the wonders contained in my magic art box, but I hope that one day you will find them for yourself
Corel Painter more info etc
oh and I forgot to mention the inspiration for these works,comes about by listening (and dancing to particularily at the clubs, when my husband allows me) to my all time favourite
DJ Lisa Lashes Yayyyy!!!!!who mixed 'Lashed', where from I nicked some of the titles as I couldnt think up my own--blank blank
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I'd love to put up more work of art done with Painter, if you use it submitt it to Gallery coming soon
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