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Here are the steps to make yourself an easy journal. I made this book for two reasons. As a Cloth, Paper, Scissors challenge [to spend less than $25] and for a class I taught at Artful Scrapbooking & Rubber Stamps in Romeo, Michigan. The finished book will be used as a travel journal, thus the name “Moments in Time”.

I purchased a $3 ring bound book at the dollar store; disassembled it and coffee stained the pages. The covers are wrapped with 12x12 scrapbook paper, embellished with vintage ribbon, buttons and netting.
Eyeleted Mica adds the finishing touch. I then embellished 8 of these coffee stained pages.
Page 1: Use your favorite Victorian image, attach a metal finding, wrap some wire [and beads] and make a little purse.

Page 2: Add scrapbook paper at the top, a rubber stamp image at the bottom, and a little plastic envelope to hold stamps.
Page 3: Vintage slip lace from an old slip factory [remember when we wore dresses, skirts and slips] is draped along one edge. The number comes from an old flash card and is bees-waxed and layered over black paper.  Fabric scraps and buttons from gramma's sewing box finish off the page.
Page 5: Tear out a page from an old 1900’s book, insert a reduced copy of an old 1900’s magazine into a “film” pocket, layer over black paper. Embellish with a metal clip, fabric measuring tape and an old lotto/bingo piece. 
Page 6: Pockets are made of paper scraps. If you sew you can sew a fabric edge on the sections before attaching. I collaged an old tag with [red] rubber-stamping, an epoxy image made out of UTEE, wrapped in a fine ribbon. Use these pockets to hold travel treasures.
Page 8
Page 8: The frame page is one of my favorites. After assembling your cherished photos in little frames, drape wire attached with brads across the front of the pictures, maybe hang a little charm.
Page 9
Page 9: More scraps of paper have been used to make a couple of horizontal pockets. Rubber stamp some circles sporadically on top of page. Using a metal letter punch stamp [eBay sells ‘em], stamp copper tape with the words “moments in time” and add to the bottom of one of these pockets.
Pocket Page
Page with divider: Lastly, tags were coffee stained, embellished with epoxy images created by dipping laser images into melted UTEE, finalized with ribbons, book plates and some red rubber stamping, then hung with a clip or inserted in a pocket.
Back Page
Now you’re ready for assemblage. Start with an embellished page, followed by a blank; a couple record/file dividers picked up at a yard sale were added in for character.

Enjoy making this book. It’s lots of fun! If you have any questions or would like to know who makes the rubber stamps I used, who makes the paper, or if you would like specifics on how to make UTEE epoxy images, please email me at

Norma Kooi   8/2005
Page 7
Page 7: More scraps of paper were used to create vertical pockets. Rubber-stamp some birds/bees and postage. Stuff pockets with old postcards or letters. I used rub-on sewing stitches to get the effect of actual sewing.
Creating a journal or Altered Book can be quite daunting to start, but here, Norma shows how to do some simple arty things to get you going. Check out the links for help to find items you might need.
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