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Bohemiart's Goth Beauty A dark wonderland of vintage gothic beauty awaits                                                                                                                             01 08
Marieke's Moleskine Journal What are you doing for the rest of the year, these neat little daily collages might inspire                                                0108
Making Stencils Tutorial a gallery followed by a tutorial for those of you who want to get hands on, cut up, sprayed down and art dirty Gillian Allen   0108
Vintage Valentine Pocket Book Norma Kooi. What to do with all your Valentines, Norma has the solution with her romantic repository              0208
Faux Photos Are your digital photos a little average? Well spice them up here with digital Polaroid frames, Lomo effects and many others. Gillian Allen 0208
Lorri Lennox Grunge DownUnder, this Australian artist loves grunging up her ATCs with gel transfers, inks, & chalks to create her very arty style   0208
Doors Swap hosted by Evie Zaccardelli.  Our adventurous swappers are going beyond their imaginations, see what lies behind the green door                  0308
Suzi Blu She has created over 60 tutorial Vlogs on YouTube showing her journal and mixed media techniques. This laid back lady is sure to inspire you  0408
Altered Coaster Swap A really fun canvas on which to work your altering magic, this swap hosted by Dawn Supina                                                               0408
Sharon McAllister Art Trade a UK based fashion trained artist puts her inventive skills into ATCs for trading  with fortunate others                          0508
Trash Outside the Box  Dont throw those yummy wrapping papers away Keep those little boxes. Just give em an extreme makeover Gillian Allen Tut 0508
Inner Child Dolls  Pat Winter is our Crazy Quilt Queen and started the Comfort Doll Project. Here she shares how to make hers                                 0508
Charcoal Drawing Gillian Allen. A beautiful medium to draw with, here is a slide show of some of mine and how I go about it                                            0608
Atc Flowers Swap Hosted by Evie Zaccardelli . The time of year when flowers are at their best, here's a page of artistic blossoms                                        0608
Artistic Ornate Vintage Inspired Pins Swap hosted by the fabulous Amber Dawn and including the awesome extra ones she made                             0608
Unique Antique ATCs by Renee Robinson. Delicately faded, these atcs appear to have been found in a Victorian antique shop                                   0808
Reliquary Theresa Martin a mixed media artist, is the creator of these to die for stunningly  altered tins                                                                               0808
Patricia Cotes Colour of Dreams. Her watercolours flow from her dreams in a vibrant array of  beautiful colour                                                                0808
Matchbook Book Aimeslee Winans created a romantic vintage book from a matchbook and shares how,  with you                                                           0808
Inspired by Frida  Lilla Le Vine was inspired by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo to create a beautiful collaged book and helps you to get started too   0908
Trash Outside the Box Swap Hosted By Pat MacMicken we transformed a box with trash into a boutique designer collectible                                          0908
Trash inside your Journal Amy Eckler has a keen eye for a treasured piece of trash which finds its way onto her urban style Journal                       0908
Kounter Kulture Urban Art show I recently had the pleasure to experience with lots of links to see whats going on in the London art scene                  1008
Trash in Da House What I put in my coil bound book and how (more trashy stuff I think) Use a Kinko (or similar) if you haven't got one. Slide show      1008
Goth Swap Two pages of dark Gothic lovliness brought to you from the dark side. Atmospheric music is provided to get you there                                         1008
Venezia Lilla Le Vine (how nice she is) shows us how to make beautiful Cuffs and Brooches from off-cuts of fabrics, great for gift ideas                         1208