ATC Wings  Flying high with our artists who love creating and tradingthese very special cards. April 04
Photoart Tiles
  Maria Lamb explains how to create these antique looking art tiles for gifts for your family and friends
ATC Seaside 
Fun and frolics "Beside the Seaside" with Danielle Torres's ATC artists.  04March
d'album de Paris
A 45 RPM album transformed into a tres chic retro holder by the creative hands of Norma Kooi  March 04
Vintage Image resources the complete list of all the free vintage images and ephemera for your artwork
Fabric Altered Book 
Norma Kooi shows an easy method for an embellished  fabric book with her beautiful "a song flung up to heaven".  Feb 04
Beeswax Collage
  Marylin Rock's collages take on a sensual glow with this inviting technique. Wax and relax here. Feb 04
Retro Lovers
  ATCs Get your heart throbbing with these hot blooded romantic atcs with a touch of  creative nostalgia. Feb 04
Karyn Gartel is Altered Diva
A passionate desire to create has transformed this mother of  5 into a prolific artist as her stunning artwork  reveals
Artists Trading Cards
It's a small space, yet artists can give a glimpse into their own personal style, different techniques, and their creative ideas. 
Crazy Quilting  Pat Winter's amazingly rich and colorful purses pouches and glass cases appear difficult to do, but here simply is all you need to know
Shrinking Your Art 
Denise Lombardozzi shares her triptych methods with shrink plastic and also some of her artwork to inspire you
Covered Up
  change the cover of a cheap notebook into a unique art journal . The variation and materials here are amazing
Lilla Le Vine
these stunningly beautiful embroideries full of the colour of Hawaii will inspire you to reach for your needles
Reciprocal Links  a new page of art e links including those that have linked to art-e-zine on their sites. Put your links here
More Vintage Images
sent in by you, old postcards and photos for us to use in our artwork. They're always welcome.
Collaged Glass Pendants microscope slides and antique lenses are the canvases for our wearable mini collages. Check out these cracking beauties
Erika Tysee   Collaging and Mail Art are a major part of Erika's world, step inside it here
Cigar Box Purses
customized cigar boxes make stylish purse accesories, here are some that we made earlier April 03
Make a Mini Altered Book
  Jeanette Janson's mini book with her fabulous collages is a neat way of making a personal one for yourself
Treasure Purses
  Fabric or paper and whatever you have, to invent a delicious colourful texture and design with a hint of  practicality march03
Faux Art Bottles 
dont throw away your empties turn them into collectibles from another era, plenty of inspiration from our intrepid swappers
Shout Out
  a picture's worth a thousand words and here is one that was sent in and just had to put up. More welcome
Book Ends
The inside book cover collage story by Lisa Cook.....not to be missed
Resin d'Art
  These super mini collages set in resin are an ideal embellishment or can be used as jewelry, by Shauna Palmer
Art Attack
Shauna Palmer's Style is not  for the faint hearted, bold, adventurous, colourful and leaves no doubt, be brave and go for your art
Image Transfer Processes
a guide being created by visitors showing inspiring examples and methods on how to transfer images
Saval's Collages
  a Collage artist from theCzech Republic shares with us some of his exciting work   Jan 03
Belinda Schneide
r This wonderful German artist's artful pockets embellished with beads and eyelets will get your creative impulses going. Dec2
Creative Dolls
   Add your doll  to this page of dolls gathered by Arteth Gray's swap. Also instructions on how to make a simple fabric doll
Polymer clay small journal covers
  What do you do with a slab of clay?make a journal cover of course, well we did and here are our efforts
Collage on Canvas
  A big full page of  juicy collages that our swappers enjoyed experimenting with on  canvas backgrounds
Indian Summer
  a page of hot colour and images to spice up your   inspiration
Urban Generated  originally meant for the grunge page, our youngest artist yet Brendan Walker makes digital brushes from old tickets.....  
Capolan Masquerade
a theme to evoke mystery and intrigue, but these artists reveal their true art, hosted by Shauna Palmer, Aug 02
Art Dolls
  Jill Smith, a textile artist in the UK, shares her very unique doll creations, with info about herself  and her textile group
Art of the Photo Stamp
  Increasingly popular, photo stamps can give varied results, the artwork shown from our swap explore their possibilities
Funky Figures
These little people are very experimental but I think we all had fun and learned a lot about wire and beads and polymerclay
Altered Altoid tins
  a simple little tin with alternative ideas on its mind, the variations are endless
   send a unique electronic art card created by artists showing their exciting work on art-e-zine, more artist's to follow
Play with Clay#2  Pendants were the theme for our swap and you'll find a variety of lovely techniques with info for your pc ideas and inspiration
Have Stamps will Travel
  the artists in this swap hosted by Shauna, take you to the far corners of the World
Fabric Fancies 
something different,  purses,  bags,  pendants,  experimenting with the potentials of textiles
Femme Fatale#2
  bad girls are back and they mean trouble but they sure are arty. Loads of creative ideas, worth waiting for
Amber Dawn's 
  mixed media jewellery, a dazzling display from this New York artist. With info on her special Fun FaNtAsY packs for you
Beadz n Embellishments
  those extra little somethings can make a big difference, here are a few ideas
Christina Parise
   Studio Red, hold on to your hats, these collages of Christina's will blow your mind
Art-e-zine Cafe
  Just created a space for you to make some new friends and chat online-- why not use the technology
Femme Fatale
  these Bad Girls dump the hearts and flowers, these 20th Century Fox gals want diamonds as their best friend  Feb
Linda Lynch
  hot collages with cold laminate technique explained
  in progress for Valentines day add your art to this heartfilled page
Cathleen Perkins
Studio d'Art. Cath has created some beautiful collages for her altered book pages full of visions of Paris circa 1900
Studio d'Art Journal pages, assemblages and some of her early oil paintings on this 2nd page of Cathleen Perkins art studio
Play With Clay 
beware this can become addictive, we share what we've learnt playing with Polymer Clay with you.  Dec
Mail Art Boo
k we've got a bundle of arty envelopes and an ephemera heaven to show you  Dec.
Its a Gift
  we are gathering  gifts for your inspiration, Marie Skrotzki  -collaged mini journal and Game Pieces Bracelet from Cathleen Perkins
Altered book cam  A great collection of Altered Books Hosted by Shauna Palmer                                                    
background :Helga Strauss altered book
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Gillian Allen  my mini site where you'll find some of my digital, fabric, collage, clay and altered work brought together
Extraordinary Junk Yard Dolls  Linda Abbott certainly can create an unusual doll from her scavenging parties.  June 04
The Alchemy of Linda Abbott   casting her magical eye over flea market finds, she transmutes dross into gold in the artistic melting pot.  June 04
D J Pettitt Art Mix  An exciting blend of experimental techniques feature in this collage artist's developement.  June 04
Transformations D J Pettitt's beautiful inkjet transfers, show the possibilities of the humble deli sandwich wrap paper.  June 04
Becky Christian  spend some time in her playful world and your day will seem a little brighter   June 04
Decorative Tiles with Lazertran Norma Kooi has been busy with another interesting way of decorating these tumbled tiles May 04
Bambi Doe Blake's Fascinating Dolls A passionate doll artist, she uses mostly natural materials to create these delightful whimsies May 04 
See what you can Doodle  Maria Lamb shows how a simple doodle can lead to greater things.  April 04
Make your own Digital Stamps  a tutorial from Gillian.       Dec 04
Sally White Vintage Pocket Books. Three pages of  delightful books with copper mesh pockets to store your stash of  vintage ephemera .Nov 04
Judy Corona  A Creative Mind. Rich patterns,  jewel-like colours and creative ideas flow from her mind onto our page for you to enjoy. Nov 04
Outsider Art  check out this page for some art that crosses over the line Oct 04
Collage on Canvas  Many artists are here to inspire you to take your collage to the next level Sept 04
Shabby Chic  Artist's have sent in their creative responses to this theme of  a time worn elegance  Sept 04
Match Box Shrines Charlotte Kemsley enjoys creating these mini art shrines and tells us how she does them. Send yours in as well. Aug 04
Your Art  Why not submitt your best artwork for consideration on this page
Time Out for Art  Debrah Pierce busy mum of  3 boys, creates time to pursue her new found love of collage and reveals some techniques for us 04
Healing Expressions  Lani Kent shares her awesome decorative art which has brought her deep satisfaction and soul rejuvenation  04 05
Botanica Ann Peterson created a book full of silk pages transferred with botanical prints and embellished with antique lace. A delicate treasure
Fabrications Ann Peterson has a way with fabric, quilted, embroiderd, ribboned and embellished, a rich tapestry for your delight April 05
Sew Vintage Punk Charlotte Kemsley tells us how she punks up her vintage prints with her racy go faster sewing machine  March 05
Quilty Creations  Linda Koch You'll want to start making fabric journal covers, boxes and anything else you can quilt  seeing these luscious things
Janet Diamond Extreme Earrings a fabulous transformation for resurrected gems, into upmarket jewelry by this Beverly Hills designer. Feb05
Follow Your Dreams  Norma Kooi is passionate about vintage antique ephemera and puts it to good use. Enjoy!  Jan 05
Your Digital Stamps  here's what you've made from the tutorial,  lots more welcome   Jan 05
A Vintage Christmas with Norma Kooi  use up your leftovers to make a seasonal slide mount cover and some cool cards 11.05
Collaborative Books Jeanette Janson and her friends share the exciting books that they created   10 05
Skinny Fat Book 35 artists went to town on this gorgeously embellished and arterly created book, put together by Shauna Palmer 08 05
Moments in Time Norma Kooi kickstarts a Travel Journal adventure with some easy ideas to get you on your way 08 05
The Art of Transfer Bobbi Studstill describes how she transfers her digital photos onto her mixed media work. 07 05
Claudia Roulier Mixing it up A mixed media artist who collages on canvas, postal art and atcs with relish for detail and painterly effects 06 05
A Postcard from Karenann Young 12 in fact, deliverd to your desktop, Mail Art with her real excitement for experimentation 06 05
Atc Swaparama here you can find our recent ATC swaps hosted by Shauna Palmer, with more to come so check back here 06 05
My Magic Art Box Gillian Allen I love this, all the art media you could ever dream of  in just a little ol  box      05 05
Board Books Linda Koch revives children's board books and starts you off  transforming them into your own story 05 05
Funky Fotos Judy Corona shows how to 'arty' up your bad photos and develope those negatives into positives . May 05
Altered FX photos Gillian Allen experimenting with the Harajuku girls of Japan in Photoshop became a liberating experience.  slide show       04 
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