Art Nouveau Lady
Japanese Lady

Laminate Sheets from an Office Supply Store
Laser Printed Collage sheets from Wonderland Emporium Online (Jen-Line)
Color Copied Prints of Magazine pictures, family pictures, art, etc (cannot be ink-jet print)
Copies from Dover Publications
Various Cardstock
Brilliance Graphite Black Ink
Fibres and Findings
Encore Metallic Inks
Adhesive to layer sheets

1.Remove the backing of the laminate and place one piece of the laser printed piece strategically, for your center if you wish.

2. Tear the rest of the pieces.and affix to the back of the laminate.

3 . Fill up the size of laminating sheet with your torn pieces & put it into cold water, not warm! Soak it for a minimum of 15 minutes and then while it is still in the water, start carefully rubbing off the paper.with your fingers. The image has transferred and it is important to rub gently.

4. When you think you have it all off, there is still a lot of white backing left. Remove it from the water and put it on a soft cloth and dip your finger into the water and make soft circles removing the backing.

5. Once it is completely off, let it air dry thoroughly. By drying thoroughly it restores the adhesive quality. Wherever there was white it will be clear and what you do in the next step will show through to the other side.

6. There are several different techniques you can do at this time. You may use Pearl-ex powders and brush them on with a soft paintbrush, or you can use a couple of different colored Marvy Metallic Markers and make “blobs” onto the back and then use a soft brush to mix and paint the back. You may also use metallic flakes, glitter, gel pens, pressed flowers, etc.

7. Once the piece is completed, you adhere another sheet of laminate and cover the back. Smooth it out real well and then adhere to a piece of cardstock and start layering with different colors of cardstock.

8. I like to embellish with findings, fibres, stamped images, etc.

9. You can also stamp on the top of the laminate if you wish with a permanent ink. Brilliance Graphite Black would be perfect for this.
Linda Lynch has been creating these vibrant  collages with an interesting technique which she shares with you below
More of Linda Lynch's work can be seen here
God Bless Our Firefighters
Collage, 3-9-11
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Brief Bio
I am a native of Southern California until two years ago when my husband and I retired early to Bend, Oregon.  We are the parents of five grown children, and eleven grandchildren!  I have been rubberstamping for about 9 years and have always been a seamstress and crafter, creating a custom lingerie business years ago.  I am a survivor of advanced Ovarian Cancer and art played an important part in my three year recovery.  My new lease on life taught me a great deal, especially how important living everyday is.  Creating art has made my spirit soar.  The 911 Collages started as a healing process and have now grown to them being sold in a local business.  I belong to two stamp art groups locally and continue to stretch myself artistically. Linda Lynch.