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I live in Hawaii where I am a designer and teacher. I am a member of the Hawaii Fiber Arts and Stitchery Guild and am a past President.
Before moving here 10 years ago, I was a founding member of the Fiber Arts Guild of Texas. 
Shows featuring my Art include
Galleries of Houston, the famous Fairfield wearable art show, a touring exhibit in Japan and Switzerland. Also in New Zealand and Australia Gallery exhibits of my textiles and Japanese indigo dyed garments and wall panels.
Some of the Awards I have won feature my stitchery and textile painting. They include RibbonWorks Magazine, and Quilt Festival Houston.

I love color, and beautiful images and designs. I try to make my art reflect my romantic side and love of nature. The ocean and trees inspire me, and in Hawaii I use the hues of nature that surround me and the textures and layers of the mountains just behind my home.
Sincerely yours,
Lilla Le Vine
Lilla Le Vine
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Detail of Banner,  Sweet Blossoms
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Reef Maid
My methods are varied but to try and make generic. I start with an idea and color. Those two always. Never design anything ahead of time with pencil and paper. Just  put a bunch of pictures from my scrapbook and lots of
fabric, threads, beads and embellishments that co-ordinate onto my work table.
Then I sort of 'free associate' and almost dream up my project. If I think too hard it is driven away. I tip things onto my design randomly and move them around so they please me. To help in this very looseprocess, I keep lots of baggies of dyed lace and threads and pictures that seem to enhance each other. e.g. I have a big bag of ocean things, dyed silk, pieces of netting, plastic sea critters, hand dyed ribbon, shells and beads.
I dye most of my fabrics and ribbons and print a lot from my computer. Also paint backgrounds. I use acrylic paint for all artwork, colored nail polish for changing beads and to dye fabric I use Rit dye, food coloring and anything that has color. Tea and coffee I use to overdye and mute the colors.
To stitch my art, I use both machine and hand stitching. I like to draw
with my needle on the machine and to use metallic threads.
My hand embroidery is often done with textured threads, hand couched on
or I use chain and stem stitch a lot. I also like to use silk ribbon and try
to work loosely with it to give a 3D appearance.
Aloha Lilla .    July 03
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