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The release that artistic expression brings has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From early childhood journaling, singing and painting freely the walls of my girlfriends bedroom, if I were not creating, I felt stifled somehow. Most of my artistic expression found life in the form of music and poetry until after marrying my wonderful husband and having my three sons. After a career as a professional vocalist and when the boys were young, I partnered with my best friend and designed a line of rubber stamps called "Mere Reflections" and began to enter the world of rubber stamps and eventually altered art. My personal journey of recovering from early childhood wounds found expression in the form of collage and mixed media. I began to share these works with other survivors and they seemed to move their hearts in a way that blessed my own. So began the movement towards selling my own creations that expressed the deeper layers of my own life as well as the lives of those women whose stories I had come to know. "Healing Expressions" began as a way to share in the form of art, words and images that which would sooth, heal and inspire authenticity and transparency in the hearts and souls of others. I joined an altered book round robin over a year ago and found altered books to be an incredible experience. My faith has breathed life into my work and I feel truly honored to share my musings for other kindred spirits who might have traveled similar journeys. Contd.>
I have a love for beautiful papers, jewels, trinkets, butterflies and all that is lovely and special. Often when creating in my studio, I move from one piece to another not sure exactly where it is going but feeling a sense that I will know when the piece is ‘finished". Most of my work is a collage style using multi layers of papers, inks, lumiere paints, stamped images, ephemera, vintage images, jewels, wire, beads and victorian scrap. I love jeweled and beaded fringes, fibers and delicious ribbons to accent and finish many of my pieces. I love to fuss over the details and final touches that make each piece unique and special.  As a self-taught artist,  I aspire to create something different each week and marvel at the surprises that await in art. One week it will be altered tins, fantasy butterflies and dangles and yet another week, altered journals, tags, bottlecap magnets, beaded hangings etc. I began to sell my work on ebay in Oct 2004 and in a few local shops and it has been a joy. I strive to push myself a little and move into new artistic expressions as often as I can. My ultimate hope is that each person who receives one of my pieces will feel special and honored and know that great love, detail and joy went into creating what they now hold in their hands.
Lani Kent April 05
Healing Expressions
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