As a child, I enjoyed nothing better than gathering found objects and putting them together to make something totally different and imaginative.  Whether making a doll or other assemblages, I rely on my vast collection of unrelated treasures collected from many joyful treasure hunts at yard sales and flea markets ... all fuel to feed the passion!  I try not to get too caught up in intention & expectation and allow the inner process freedom.  For me there is a strong connection between artistic exploration and spirituality. Linda Abbott.

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Bottle shrine lady
Eyes of a child
Orphan boy
Visions of the past
Waiting in the wings
Touch the world
Bottle shrine bottles
Women eternal
Travel the world assemblage
Caged bird woman
Caged bird
I love to tell the story
Not what someone expects
All that is best
The garden
Wings of faith
Powered by
Time is a companion
A loving heart
Linda Abbott  craft master of the rejuvenation of junk sale throw outs. The magic spells are cast and mysterious stories are foretold and pasted in. The metamorphos is complete
Key to happiness
Women eternal (middle)