Fabric Collage
Fabric Collage: Little Girls are Heavens Flowers
Fabric Collage: Inspire
Fabric Collage: Surrender
Fabric Collage
Fabric Collage: Tender Moments
Fabric Collage: Enchanted Thoughts
Fabric Collage: Wings
Canvas Collage: Beauty
Canvas Collage: Be You
JoAnnA Pierotti
Fabric Collage: Devoted
Fabric Collage: Just Pink
Fabric Collage: White Dreams
JoAnnA Pierotti - Moss Hill Studio
Before I was in my mother's womb, God planned my soul to be a creative one.  To Him I am thankful and work hard at using the gifts He gave me to help encourage and inspire others.  As a child I loved to go on treasure hunts for found objects such as broken clean edged glass found in the ocean and rocks of all kinds, specially the ones that sparkled.  I continue to this day to go on such hunts to antique stores, garage sales, flee markets and my own backyard woods. My grandmother's love for sewing with beautiful fabrics and laces inspired me to do the same.  I love pretty things but I also have an appetite for the retired old rusty discarded metals, woods, screws, you name it.

Presently I am undergoing chemotherapy for Breast Cancer and have an even deeper desire to create expressing all the emotions that go with this journey.  It's a perfect remedy for curing my own fears of the unknown. I feel so blessed to have become part of this artist's community of the Altered Arts.  This big world has become so much more intimate meeting artists from so many other countries, even my own.  The inspiration, encouragement and the artistic creativity of others feeds my soul.  I will create until I die!!!
JoAnnA Pierotti  04 07
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Fabric Collage: Country Folk
Canvas Collage
Canvas Collage: Trust
Canvas Collage: Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord
Canvas Collage: Be Brave
Canvas Collage: Enjoy having the birds around
Canvas Collage
Canvas Collage: Father
Canvas Collage; Detail, As she grew she found her wings
Canvas Collage
Fabric Collage: Happy
I admire this multi talented artist who is equally comfortable collaging with fabric as she is on a canvas. Rich yet subtle textures and details along with her harmonious colour sense results in these very collectible pieces