Judy Corona, Smell Flowers Fiona2. Detail. This was done for the emBODYment RR . It's imported handmade paper (Indonesia) with flowers stamped and chalked on tissue paper. The man is a scan from a postcard. I think the dots are just metallic paint.
Smell Flowers Fiona2 This was done for the emBODYment RR . It's imported handmade paper (Indonesia) with flowers stamped and chalked on tissue paper. The man is a scan from a postcard. I think the dots are just metallic paint.
Hand 5 ATC: Stamped and DTP'd background. Inked canvas paper w/blurry color copied hand. Stamped transparency film collaged over and around other elements
4 Hand Swim ATC:Chalk and metallic pen background w/stamped edges and stamped transparency overlay. Dymo label words, though the small word is done on glossy cs instead of the plastic.The hand is from a magazine.
Sister Moon
Lotus ATC:Chalk and metallic pen background. Stamped transparency. DTP on glossy cs w/collaged figure from somewhere.
Mestiza. I ended up making a t-shirt out of this using the worst, cheapest iron-on transfer ever made. I did it on an olive green shirt to cover up a stain.The cheapness of the transfer makes it look very washed out. I get nothing but compliments when I wear it.
Here's a self-portrait I did for the final emBODYment project that Melissa Chapin is putting together. It's going to be a large color-copied compilation of work from emBODYment artists who wanted to participate. Ilike the self-portrait.
Pink Frida I think this was for a Melissa McCobb Hubbel Arts Erratica swap, but I  can't remember.I use Frida a lot.I'm half Mexican
Mona. Stamped background, stamped Mona Lisa face.
 Fox: ATC is cs with stamped background, stamped transparency collage pieces and word gold foiled on red cs
Venezia ATC: DTP and stamped background on white glossy cs. Metallic paint and gesso on waxed paper, painted wc paper w/metallic embossing and stamped transparency.
The other half of Smell the flowers
8World Face ATC:DTP and stamped background on white glossy cs. Collaged woman is stamped on DTP'd white glossy and overstamped. Stamped transparency overlay.
This is an onionskin encyclopedia page stamped w/a penscore impression of a background stamp. The "windows" are ink on compressed sponges. The picture is from a book of saints.
Guilty. Caran D'Ache and Prismacolor pencil scribbles with the guilty pie lady collaged over.
Rustling. I scanned these as a group, so I don't know if it will work. This was for a Business Card Swap that Bernie Berlin did through Arts Erratica, I think? I didn't really understand the assignment--or I just interpreted itdifferently. I did an original for each piece. I think people thought mine were strange. I liked them.
Woman Hand ATC: Stamped and DTP background. Woman and blurry hand collaged on stamped and gold foiled cs background.
PerfumeYelp. More Business Cards
KelleyBaby. First page of an emBODYment Layout.
August Collage, done on paper bags
August Collage 2
I'm working on a series of collages right now done on paper bags with meltedcrayon as the first  background. I build from there with a layer of  tissue paper ironed on (Talbot-style) with polymer medium. After applying and"burning" fluid acrylics and other paints (for texture), I  iron on the collage pieces in layers. I'm really jazzed about canvas paper right now and how it takes the fluid acrylics and the polymer medium.
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Mesmerizing patterns and jewel like colour flow from Judy's mind in a free spirit of adventure. Experimenting with her materials and techniques in a spontaneous way leads her on to new ideas and projects
"I started branching out of rubber stamping and cardmaking about 8 years ago and began experimenting wildly with collage, ATC's, altered books, painting, drawing, assemblage, art journals, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I started as a singer before branching out into acting and writing. I was afraid to do visual art, initially, because I was afraid of being judged. Fear, I believe, is the death of creativity.
I cut my artistic teeth by doing swaps and round robins, which provided deadlines, and an internet community of artists at all stages of development. I have learned by looking at the work of other artists, which is incredibly inspiring, and by experimenting with techniques that I pick up on the internet, on television, and in the hundreds of books and magazines that I devour. As an untrained artist,
I am unconstrained by rules. I always listen to music and often sing while I work, so my art is truly a synergy of the sounds I am hearing, the sounds I am making and the emotional places I visit while I do art. My son, Emiliano, is an extremely talented hip-hop writer, singer and producer and I now listen to his music as I create, which is a very full-circle experience. Both he and my partner, Herb, have been enthusiastic appreciators of my work over the years and have encouraged me in all my artistic endeavors.
I must credit art-e-zine with being a huge inspiration. I don't believe there is a more beautifully lush or wild or gigantic website in the world. Gillian's talent is enormous and her generosity in support of artists is truly amazing."
Judy Corona Nov 5 04