Old Masters Look with Tattoo Transfers to Polymer Clay

Make your image transfers to Polymer look just like Old Masters paintings by using a product by International Paper Called Invent It Tattoo Transfer Paper.   As with many things in the art realm this product was intended for something entirely different, but polymer artists love it!

For a brooch or necklace you need

Premo Pearl, White, or Ecru plus Black for background (or Fimo if you prefer)

Invent It Body Sticker Tattoo Paper by International Papers    (Kmart carries it
as well as office supply stores)

Images  to transfer.   I love the old Masters paintings.  But old poster art would be great too!


Reduce and copy your images to a half sheet size document in Word because the tattoo  paper only measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

Print out the images on the paper following the package directions. ( Be careful of the feed  as it is only half a sheet.)

Remove the release paper from one side of the adhesive sheet included with the kit and place the page of printed images face down on the adhesive, pressing carefully to make sure no air is trapped.   Cut out the images.

Condition black and light clays and roll at #1 on the machine  (highest setting).  Remove the white release paper from the other side of the adhesive sheet with the tattoos and place image face down on the clay.  The back will be paper. Trim and drop the whole thing into a small bowl of water for about a minute.  The paper will slide right off the clay.  Blot carefully dry, trim again if necessary and layer onto black background.  Cover with a scrap of waxed paper or parchment and brayer gently to seal the two layers.  Trim the black layer and bake for 25 min. at 275.  The adhesive will crinkle slightly when baked giving it an old cracked oil painting finish.   If there are any sticky edges where the adhesive shrank from the edge of the polymer just rub a very light amount of corn starch over the edge.

Karen Woods 03
Roman,  tattoo transfer, Karen Woods FL
Slave Girl,  tattoo transfer Karen Woods FL
Turner  tattoo transfer Karen Woods, FL
Turner  tattoo transfer Karen Woods, FL
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