The Polaroid transfers are images at Morey's Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey and Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. The images are all taken with Fuji slide film Provia 400 and then made into transfers using Polaroid Pack Film Type 669, the Polaroid Daylab Junior and Arches Hot Press Paper.
Joan Mumbauer is a photographer from Warminster, Pennsylvania a suburb twenty miles north of Philadelphia. Joan has been working on a process called Polaroid Transfer. The past two years she has been exploring the world of amusement parks. The Polaroid Transfers gives her a feel of nostalgia,
just like the feeling she gets when standing amongst the rides. She has a fascination with color, movement and old fashion fun that can be found in these parks where the world of technology has not seemed to touch.
There are many ways to create an image onto Polaroid film. In the
camera, in the darkroom or the easiest way by using a slide in the
Polaroid DayLab, a self-contained unit with a lightbulb, color filters and film
and slide holder. A slide is placed in the Daylab and projected onto a
piece of Polaroid film. Before developing the Polaroid, a piece of Arches Hot
Press Paper is dipped in a tray of ordinary water and then squeegeed. The
film is then processed for thirty to forty-five seconds and them peeled apart,
before the Polaroid is fully developed. The dyes that usually go onto the

Polaroid are now going to be transferred onto the paper.  This part of the
Polaroid film is placed flat on the paper and a roller is taken back and forth
over the piece of film. This takes about two minutes. When you peel back the
Polaroid an image is created. You can go back into the image with color
pencils, watercolors, pastels ect. You can create transfers on a
variety of items such as a different papers and all natural fibers. You can find
detailed instructions and more inspiration on the Polaroid website:
Method for transfering images
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