Salvador 84 Lens, Dream Canvas Film

You could take the same picture several times and each one would be different, This Salvador 84 lens has random variations built into it. Normally when you take a photograph, your pretty much in control and have an expectation of the outcome. So you can be out of your comfort zone playing with this or you can see it as unexpected and a fresh way of seeing things. (Not that you'd normally not see things this way). A new perspective can often make you appreciate your usual way of thinking. The prints also have a painterly artistic look and together with the Dream Canvas Film, your photo is
transported into a fine art painting. A surreal dream is captured with any snap you take. The Hipstamatic app is supporting the new Dali Museum at St. Petersburg Florida with a percentage of their profits. The winners of the Channel Your Inner Salvador contest will be projected onto the side of the building more info. You can see the Leader Board below. Its quite exciting for people interested in photography, as they have many competitions with great prizes, and seeing all the other entries can be inspiring. (You have to have a Facebook or Twitter account)
A trip to fantasy land (Bluewater Christmas fun fair) is the subject of this slideshow. I made it large 600x800 so the canvas texture would show up.
Channel Your Inner Salvador Leader Board
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