Toycamera Analogcolor from pentacom on Vimeo.

Toy Camera Analogcolor
A sofware programe you can download a free trial vers here
for Mac/Win. A comprehensive photo editing prog that gives you lots of options and variations to reproduce old camera effects. The randomize button generates some nice results. Fake Lomo to Dirty Polaroid to Black and white. The sliders will adjust the subtleties. Check out the video for (very) quick overview. You don't have to have an iphone to create fake photos, so thats good news for some, just drop any photo in the box and click an effect, Bobs your uncle. I used (they were on my laptop) Lucy and her mates for resampling Thank Q
PhotoStyler 4.5
here for free Mac software. Dont see a vers for Windows.
In a matter of moments you can convert your photo into a 70's postcard, faded vintage, old photo with ragged edges, scratches, sepia, lomo, instant photo with captions and loads of other altering features. It runs in demo mode with the output covered by a watermark but until I decide to buy :) I just do cmd+shift +4 and use the crosshair to copy /paste the photo to desktop. Make the photo its biggest size first. Within its presets you can make finer adjustments. There are lots of options to play with. It can restyle an ordinary photo into something quite interesting. More info
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