Im not proposing that I am a first rate photographer, thats lol, but I can say I have a great interest, desire to experiment, step beyond any boundaries and to some I wont mention, an obsession. Although I did photography as part of my graphics design/art course. We would get assignments, and with my Pentax, return with rolls of film to develop in the dark room, usually b/w big and grainy. Difficult to achieve a similar control setup nowadays, digital imaging software programmes can cover all the aspects required for a good/alternative print. Now, there are apps that can do these magic adjustments automatically, if your pushed for time. And they have a telephone to boot!!
Toy Cameras are the culprits. Cheap and cheerful plastic cameras made for kids, leaked light, bad lens and very unpredictable, soon became an alternative photography.
Here you will find a brief history and Photoshop tutorials on faking the Toy Camera's effects. 
The Plastic Bullet app I've just acquired, mimics the toy camera's photographic effects, with a seemingly infinite set of variations. You can take a photo or bring one in from your library and happily spend hours choosing different options. The photos I've altered here were taken on Brighton Pier
Lomo Diana F+Dreamer Camera
Diana Mini Camera
Holga Camera
Holga Wide Pinhole Camera
Lomo Fisheye Gold Camera
Lomo Fisheye Pink Camera
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