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Pinhole Camera
Basically a pinhole camera is a box with a pin hole and film in it. Basic it is, and as I have tried to make one in the distant past, pretty difficult to do.
Try it. (or make an iphone pinhole box.)  But here my need for alternative/on and over the edge cravings have been satisfied by a 59p easy as pie app. Maybe too easy for a pinhole purist, but surely there can be silver linings. I dont care, I'm over the moon. Generally I always thought pinhole photos had to be dark, moody and wild and I Will go down to the Thames at Gravesend and shoot some tugs barges and other grimy views, but for now I couldn't resist playing with it out shopping, and randomly shot shops, colour and smart stuff (including a bit of a fashion show) that is Bluewater. (Europe's newest/biggest shopping mall they say) If you wondered what it was like.
The camera app has 3 films to select, colour, ex.colour and black n white. These in the slideshow are ex.colour, and more saturated than the colour setting. The pinhole effect is nice with the usual dark vignetting around the edges. In true pinhole photos, the dark edging effect can vary a lot you can also get distortion and blur which is missing with this app. Oh well you cant have everything. What do you expect for 59p. Blur, did I say blur, yes I got that.See some real examples
here . Oh but you do get a double exposure setting as well, that's 2 photos on top of each other, very cosy, but difficult to understand what you are seeing. Pinhole Camera  They also have a facebook page where you can see better examples. (Pinhole Camera for iPhone)
A grainy Black and White with at times some heavy vignetting, just what I like. I'm ready to go on a quest for a moody subject
You can get a pre-made Holga Wide Pinhole Camera at Urban Outfitters 65 although you will have to get prints developed as in pre digital
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