Sunday, October 8
I'm on my way to Art Continuum! Yay! I'm flying from Victoria, BC, to Toronto and on to Cleveland, Ohio. A long trip. Luckily, I brought my journal, a good book about Josephine Bonaparte, and a little zine called Pisces Rising. I highly recommend this zine!! I read both issues cover to cover and was absolutely amazed with the creativity, great ideas, writing, and fabulous art!
I brought two suitcases - one for clothes and one for art supplies. I included an extra duffel bag for purchases. I'm taking a couple of classes that need found objects so I brought lots of supplies. 

I have a lot of trades. 194 in total.
34 faux postage and trading card (for people without trades)
15 French altered postcard, faux postage, charm, and trading card)
30 Bantock style collage envelopes, faux postage, trading card, charm)
55 French ephemera sheets, faux postage, charm
30 Nude ephemera sheets, faux postage, charm
30 Asian ephemera sheets, faux postage

Tuesday, October
, Holiday Inn, am
Everyone is soooooo nice!! I've met so many wonderful people! Everyone shares their supplies in class. I took Image Transfer yesterday. It was a good class but one of the techniques needed an iron and there was only one iron for 25 people. 
Everyone has been trading like mad. Half of the time I don't remember people's names or faces but I do remember their trades. Isn't that horrible?? At this point, I'm traded over a third of my trades in only a day and a half. I've received all kinds of great items……books, artistamps, tags, altered CDs, paper dolls, magnets, pins, and necklaces. I've been amazed at the quality of trades. People really worked hard on their creations. I trade with everyone even if I don't particularly care for their trade. The trading happens before, during, and after classes…and throughout the day….in the elevator, lobby, bar, restaurant….everywhere!
Whenever I saw someone carrying a bag, I'd say, "Hi, are you trading?" Big smile. Most would enthusiastically say, "Yes!" And the trading would begin. I gave people a choice of my different trades. I showed them my 5 items and let them choose one. That seemed to go over very well. It was also great because one woman, Silver Moon, had really fabulous trades! I was able to trade her for five of her cool pieces of artwork for 5 of my different items. 
The other thing that everyone is doing is signing and stamping journals. Most people brought a stamp that they carved themselves, stickers of their artwork, or (as in my case) had a stamp made that they designed. I did a collage and had it made into a stamp. People pass around their journals for people to write and/or stamp in. Some people's journals are true works of art that they made. So it's really great to see them all…a feast for the eyes. In particular, Allison and Leslie's journals were really cool because they included pockets for people's trades and had beautiful fibers and soft suede covers. 
Yesterday I went to the Creative Block after class. Wow, what a great store! They had a selection of vintage found objects that was to die for! There were also lots of really cool art books….and stamps, of course! There was also some beautiful art on display including an assemblage by Judi Reisch.

Sunday, October 15

I had NO time for journaling. During the day, I went to classes and during the evenings, I shmoozed, traded, stamped journals, etc. Very, very fun!! I met so many nice people that I'd like to keep in contact with. I'm planning on picking 10-20 of my favorite trades and emailing the artists that gave them to me. So what do I have left over? About 10 sheets of ephemera and most of the trades I made for people that didn't have trades. Next year, I'd like to make about 120 trades and have 3 choices for people to choose from. People really seemed to enjoy having a choice. The photocopied ephemera was certainly a big hit as well.
The Holiday Inn had a horrible front desk staff. The food was barely edible. I would consider staying at the Residence Inn next door. But it is nice to be so near to classes and the hanging out places for AC artists. So, I'm still not sure where I will stay next year.
I think I'd like to rent a car next year. I felt trapped many times. Luckily, I met two fabulous women…..Sarah and Suz….that both had cars and took me places. 
I went to Jamie's Flea Market on Saturday in Amherst….great flea market! I'd like to go back next year.

Tips for next year:

Take classes with small supplies for easier traveling (ex. Jewelry, cigar box journal, etc.)
Rent a car
100-120 trades (2-3 choices)
larger suitcase!!
When flying through Toronto, allow at least 2 hours!
Fewer morning classes because the time change made it difficult to get up in the morning.
Make sure you have plenty of free time (do not overload your class schedule). Leave lots of time to hang out and meet people!
Do not eat the Holiday Inn buffet lunch that included with an all day class! Yuck!!
Avoid evening classes! Evening time is the best time to hang out with new friends. Do not take the Holiday shuttle to or from the airport. Take a taxi….they're much more reliable!
Wear a name tag!!
Make a journal for everyone's signatures and stamps
Make faux postage to include in people's journals…..or have a self inking stamp made. When stamping this year, I ended up covered in ink many times.
Reserve a mini fridge in room
Carraba - good restaurant, close driving distance (arrive early and ask for table in the corner so that it will be less noisy)

Here is just a small sampling of some of the wonderful trades I received at AC.
Small selection of trades created by Helga Strauss for Art Continuum
More Art
Continuum Trades