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In this photo I took in Ibiza, I added a border and altered it usingElizabeth@ Graphic Goo's'dark dreams tutorial'(unfortunately no longer available)(I don't think the photo is the right one for this and was a bit unsure of the last steps, but I learned a lot. Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time. (And everyone else)
Although I've been using Photoshop for a long time, I'm always learning new features. Doing tutorials are fun and a more creative way of learning the programme rather than the basic manual. There are loads of lessons and resources for PS and Paint Shop Pro on the web and I've collected a few together that I find useful,for you Gillian Allen
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Gillian Allen. Using photoshop brushes and 'old looking images' tutorial from
photoshop brushes
Its a shame that suddenly really useful sites dissapear and its difficult to keep track of them, so apologies if some links dont work, we miss them