Fast Eyes/black mail
Suzanne Simanaitis/ Second Homage to Joseph Cornell
Susan Cohen/objects trouve
Suzanne Simanaitis/ First Homage to Joseph Cornell
If you are not familiar with the work of Joseph Cornell, this is a fine
time to check it out! Joseph Cornell worked in the middle portion of the
20th century and although he was not directly aligned with the Surrealist
movement he was often lumped in with that aesthetic because of the
juxtapositions in his work and because of the galleries he was
affiliated with. He made thousands of collages, but what brought him the greatest
fame were his Boxes. They're sort of part shadowbox, part collage, part
assemblage. He used a lot of imagery and objects drawn from childhood
bubble pipes, dolls, penny arcade games -- as well as photos of
contemporary famous actresses and forgotten ballerinas from another time. His work is dreamy... jewellike... fragmentary...

I could go on, but to get the real picture, check out these links! The
first link has fantastic, large photos of several dozen Boxes, and the second one features fewer Boxes but includes a critique of each one.

Looking at these artworks, I think you'll agree that in many ways we
Studio devotees owe a LOT of our artistic sensibility to  Joseph Cornell's
works, whether we realize it or not.
Swap Brief:
You are cordially invited to participate in the Found Object
invitational swap, to coincide with the theme of the June issue of The Studio 'Zine.

Found Objects *may* mean 3-D items will be involved... and I want to make participation in this swap as hassle-free and user-friendly as
possible. Basically, we were worrying, ohmigosh, how will we ever manage to FIND enough Found Objects, have enough time to CONSTRUCT four
assemblages, and designate enough money to MAIL heavy items

We've kicked it around a few times and we think that to encourage extreme and fanciful acts of creativity it might make sense for each artist to
construct ONE magnificent piece of Found Object art, and then scan,
photograph or color-copy it, and print copies for distribution to The Studio and the other artists. The idea is to create a postcard featuring your
Found Object artwork, and we'll swap the postcards instead of swapping the
items themselves.
Stephanie Rubiano/ Cosas
Silver Moon/ Duet
Marsha Siddoway/ Meta D Cornell
Marsha Siddoway: Meta D Cornell
This collage art piece measures 14x25. This story reflects the legacy of a brave woman
who, at age 19 left her home in Bavaria, with nothing except that which she could carry. She boarded
a boat, leaving her native land, family and landed at Ellis Island. From there she continued to move west, finally ending
up in Utah. She married, had a family but led a very frugal life. Some of the objects found were discovered in boxes
almost discarded before certain small items could be gleened, other objects were just found. She was indeed a remarkable woman who
died at the age of 96. Very special indeed is Mets D Cornell. She was my grandma.
Objects found in boxes to be discarded: small wire holding string of safety pins, sock darner, name tag, piece of broken jewelry, small
Asian souvenir doll, small crouched bag, crochet hook, undeveloped roll of film, photograph of host occupants
Stephanie Rubiano: Cosas
Suzanne Simanaitis: First Homage to Joseph Cornell
Suzanne Simanaitis: Second Homage to Joseph
Susan Cohen: objects trouve
Fast Eyes: black mail
Silver Moon: Duet
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