Nancy Hunt Bartek, collage purse with decorated paper pin
Nancy Hunt Bartek, back
Nancy Hunt Bartek, paper collage pin inside purse
Beverly Folkard, paper bag
Beverly Folkard, sweetie bag
Beverly Folkard, plastic bag
Bobby Besley, Crusty Jewel Bag, machine embroiderd bag
Bobby Besley, Einstein Bag,fabric collage bag
Bobby Besley, Einstein Bag, fabric collage bag, back
Bobby Besley, Einstein Bag, fabric collage bag
Bobby Besley,  Wild Bag, fabric collage bag,
Gillian Allen, fabric collage fancy bag
Gillian Allen, bag back
Gillian Allen, Victorian needle case
Gillian Allen, fabric collage fancy bag
Gillian Allen, Victorian needle case, back
Kathryn Immonen, satin open flaps pouch
Lenna Andrews Foster, fabric collage
Libby Magnello
Libby Magnello, purse back
Libby Magnello
Libby Magnello
Libby Magnello, purse back
Kathryn Immonen, satin open flaps pouch, bottom
Kathryn Immonen, satin open flaps pouch
Gillian Allen, bondaweb embroiderd purse
Gillian Allen, bondaweb embroiderd purse, back
Sylvia Kleindinst
Sylvia Kleindinst, bag 'on the bar room floor'
Sylvia Kleindinst
Linda Lynch, fabric hanging
Linda Lynch, fabric hanging
Linda Lynch, fabric hanging
Silver Moon, Fabric photo journal, inside detail, see more below
Silver Moon, Fabric photo journal, cover
Silver Moon, Fabric photo journal, cover back
Silver Moon, Fabric photo journal, inside detail
Silver Moon, Fabric photo journal, inside detail
Silver Moon, Fabric photo journal, inside detail
Silver Moon, Fabric photo journal, inside detail
Silver Moon, Arizona, Fabric  journal
Life's Memories:
First I hand deckled all papers, even if they ripped too far down, I left it that way. I then painted all pages with Deka permanent fabric paint.  I  made copies of vintage postcards onto ink jet photo transfer paper and ironed it directly onto the paper. All transfers were then appliquéd onto the book, as well as the entire book being sewn with my sewing machine, using different stitches randomly. Vintage buttons, keys, and keyholes embellished the front of each journal.
Ps  I love Steve!
Linda Lynch, Oregon  Fabric Hangings
Stamp Photoart image onto Chromekote and scan into computer.  Use a photo program to flip your pictures so they will iron on correctly.  Print stamped images onto computer transfer sheets and follow the instructions.  I find using a very fine cotton or muslin is best for the fine detailed stamps. I also stamp them in the color I want them to end up or use my photo program to make them sepia.
Memory Fabric Fancy:
Coffee Dye muslin, trims, and ribbon.  I frayed the edges and stitched the front and back together after sewing on the stamped image, lace and trim, using doubled ribbon for hangers. I hot glued the embellishments on.
Angel Fabric Fancy:
Satin Moiré Fabric stitched together and turned inside out after sewing the transfered image and trim on the front piece. The hangers were made by sewing one inch wide pieces folded three times. The ribbon & clay embellishments were glued on with a hot glue gun.
Madonna & Child Fabric Fancy:
The same as the satin moiré angel except I added a layer of floral fabric.  I used designer buttons for embellishing and a angel finding with Rub-n-buff. Crystals were added to the embellishments and glued with E6000. The buttons were added with a hot glue gun.
Lenna Andrews Foster, Conneticut
A fabric collage (far left)
My inspiration came in part from cotton fabric, sponged and stamped with paint. I did the fabric pieces in a wonderful class I took with Sherrill Kahn. We used Dye-Na-Flow, Textile, Lumiere, Neopaque, and Sherrill's Sorbets - all Jacquard paints, to do our work. I took those fabrics along with something I was very excited about,
ARTChix Studio's New Fabric ART (vintage images printed on fabric) and I put them together.

First, using fabric glue, I glued the painted and sponged fabrics as well as the Fabric ART piece to a solid color background piece of cotton cloth. Then using fusible, iron-on tape, I applied various silk ribbons. That being done, I got out some gold thread and sewed stitches for a decorative accent. Lastly, I sewed a gold tassel on the corner and added beads and buttons around the Fabric ART piece! This is a swatch, perhaps 5"x5", that you could sew onto something or perhaps frame, and hang if you like.
Visit my web site .
Beverly Folkard, Essex UK
Plastic Bag
Ordinary clear sticky backed Contact,(the sort you cover school books
with)with Fantasy Foil (aka Trans Foil, Magic threads, stuck
together with second layer of clear contact.  Machine embroidered
patterns and silver jump rings.
Paper Bag
(Purchased) Handmade Paper, printed with a wooden print block and
screen printing inks.Automatic machine pattern stitched over paper and net. 
Handmade cord and paper beads.
Sweetie Bag
Gold/copper painted Tyvek with sweet wrappers, gold metallic fabric,
chiffon and more Tyvek stitched on. Zapped with heat gun to distort, ribbon
added for handle.
(Tyvek is the correct manufacturers (Dupont) name, but some retailers
sell it as Fibrefilm...It is also available from stationers as Tyvek
envelopes, but that is a heavier weight than the one I used).
Gillian Allen Kent UK
The thought of creating with fabrics again was very exciting and organizing this swap allowed me to experiment with ideas that had been building up for some while. All the purses turned out differently but with similar methods
1. Collage Fabric bag. Ironed on t shirt transfer (tip: make sure you use a hot iron and press down very firmly, cover first with piece of cotton fabric. You can use any image and print out with your ink jet, colours come out exactly, and you can transfer on to any type of material, I tried a fine velvet,) this was on satin. I used Bondaweb or in the states its called 'Wonder Under' I think, and applied various fabric and lace pieces, which were machined into. Beads were sewn in and the bag sewn up and lined then turned out. Fibres and a charm were added
2. Victorian Needle case. Various fabrics and antique lace assembled on bondaweb around t shirt transfers (pictures found on the web) on a long piece of cotton lined and turned inside out. Set of needles inserted inside. Button and buttonhole for closure, embellished with tea dyed rose ribbon
3. Embroidered bondaweb purse. Cotton fabric coloured with aquarelle watercolour crayons, ironed on bondaweb, this then was covered with snippets of similar coloured fabrics, ribbon and fibres. Over this I laid a piece of transparent chiffon scarf on an ochre colour and ironed it down lightly, this brings all the colours together, like a wash . This then is machined into with sympathetic colour threads. All the beads and gemstones were fabric glued. The bag was then sewed together incorporating crystal beads on space dyed chenille
Details on methods and materials
please highlight text to read
and point on picture for artists names
The brief was to create from fabric, 3 fancy bags, purses or pouches max size approx 4x5 ins,  Using collage, stamping ,
T shirt transfers, embellishments or any techniques you may have discovered or want to experiment with your own. This gave us some cool results, which is sure to encourage you to try out
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Lenna Andrews Foster, fabric collage, detail
Lenna Andrews Foster, fabric collage, detail
ARTChix Studio's New Fabric ART (vintage images printed on fabric)
Nancy Hunt Bartek, collage purse with decorated paper pin
Nancy Hunt Bartek, paper collage pin inside purse
Bobby Besley, Norfolk UK
Wild Bag
Crushed velvet printed and over printed with Lumieres, stitched into rough bag shape enclosing silk fringe in the seam. bag was decorated with appliquéd images and fabric strips. handles made from twisted fabric machined into a cord.
Einstein Bag
Einstein Images printed from my computer using Bubble Jet Set treated fabric. Words are rubber stamped onto came fabric which I have coloured with acrylics. All images patched and applied to rough envelope bag shape using sewing machine. background fabric is heavyweight calico that has been lightly burned in the oven!
Crusty Jewel Bag
This bag started out as a computer design which was transferred to fabric using acrylic paint and pressprint. I  free machined heavily over and over the design in many colours and weights of thread before forming the organic bag shape. Areas were burnt out with a soldering iron and cord threaded through
Sylvia Kleindinst,New York, (far left)
I have been making photo transfers for another project, but decided to translate one picture called: The Face on the Barroom Floor" into a decoration for two little bags. Since this face is in the gold mining
town called,Central City,CO, I used gold fabric for the bag itself or for the lining and added the tassels to suggest the 1880's time period.
Another bag is made by tearing hand-dyed fabric into fringe and stitching the
strips to the background. I added a braided piece for the edge and a handle.
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Libby Magnello
My bags were all made of handpainted muslin, using acrylic paints with fabric medium added.  The stamps are mostly my own carvings, with a few purchased ones added- they were stamped with Colorbox ink.
The birds were ironed on with fusible webbing.
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Amber Dawn, Jewelled Purses
Amber Dawn, Jewelled Purses
Amber Dawn, Jewelled Purses
Amber Dawn, Jewelled Purses, detail
Amber Dawn's Creations
Jackson Heights
New York City, USA
Jewelled Purses
Purse was already made
I added assorted bits and pieces which include vintage and antique
Swarovski Austrian crystals, the spoon rests upon an antique pocket watch plate and has porcelain flowers here and there. I used a glue gun to stick it all together.
There are also pieces made by Alicia G. of Arizona USA she sells clinkits. These little glass pieces which are 'frosted' are called bitz.My influences include Wendy "Gelastic"John Wind of Maximal Art, Heather Y Ramsay of Parvennue Inc and Mary E
I am an outsider, self taught artist who makes anything and everything.
Amber Dawn Goldish
Amber Dawns Creations
They HeyDay Higgler
See more of Ambers creations on art-e-zine
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April Clemens, Pearl Girl
April Clemens, Pearl Girl reverse detail
April Clemens, Pearl Girl, tag
April Clemens, Miss Priss
April Clemens, Naughty, reverse detail
April Clemens, Miss Priss, tag
April Clemens, Miss Priss reverse detail
April Clemens, Naughty
April Clemens, Naughty, tag
April Clemens, Delightful
April Clemens, Delightful, reverse detail
April Clemens, Delightful, tag
April Clemens, California
Miss Priss
Silk fabric with iron on transfer, beaded trim. found objects on reverse
Pearl Girl
Ultra suede, iron on transfer, embossed metal on reverse, "pearls"
Vintage image on iron on transfer, silk/cotton. silk velvet leaves and vintage buttons on back
Silk Velvet fabric and ribbon, beaded trim, iron on transfer of hand tinted photo.Charm and metal tag on reverse