Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Cover
"a song flung up to heaven". 
As far back as I can remember I have loved working with fabric and try to incorporate it into all my art whether it’s a small art trading card, a canvas or an altered book. My inspiration for creating this particular book was a class I took given by Lesley Riley.

With a child’s 10-page board book as my 6” x 8 ½” base, cover each page with designer/drapery fabric using Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Embellish pages with old bits-n-bobs, ephemera and little vintage treasures accumulated from all
those journeys to thrift stores, tag sales and antique stores. When adhering fabric-to-fabric or attaching heavier items [like watch parts and brass tags] use Fabri-Tac by Beacon. Aleene’s Tacky Glue will also work for paper-to-fabric or paper-to-paper.

An altered book is a great way to use old buttons, lace, playing cards, anagram pieces and old book pages. Rummage through gramma's sewing basket to find cloth tape measures, old jewelry and garters. Photos can be copied, reduced and inserted behind stencils, slides or as the focal point of your page.

In the sample book, quotes were printed on fabric, a 100-year old wedding announcement was enclosed in the booklet on page 3 and a gel transfer graces page 8, along with a frame made from scraps of cardboard.

Enjoy, have fun and create.
Norma Kooi.
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 1
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 2
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 3
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 4
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 5
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 6
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 7
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 8
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 9
Norma Kooi is a mixed-media artist who designs and creates altered journals, tiles, canvases, tin art, cigar box purses, jewelry, trading cards, clipboard art and collage/assemblages. Her one-of-a-kind tin wall art, jewelry and cigar box purses have been sold at conventions and the Dunedin Florida Fine Art Center.

In 2002, Norma launched Baby Jane’s Attic, her long time passion, for convention-based sales of her stockpile of vintage ephemera and antique bits-and-bobs.  Baby Jane’s Attic appears at major venues such as Artful Journey, the southeast’s oldest stamp art convention, and Cleveland Ohio’s renowned annual Art Continuum.

Norma’s enthusiasm for art translates naturally to an upbeat teaching style. Her class offerings include ATCs, altered books, tiles and clipboard art. Originally from Detroit Michigan, Norma now “empty nests” with her husband on Florida’s West Coast while working full time for a financial printer. Her most recent publishing credit is in the current issue of Artitude Zine.
Norma Kooi 2004
Norma Kooi. Fabric Altered Book, Page 10
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