Linda Shultz: Description: Acrylics
Gillian Allen: Paste Paper
Janice Woodland : Resin paper
Kris Tuey: credit card drag
Lani Gerity : Chinese / Japanese Calligraphy Digital Paper
Lilla Le Vine: Famous Artists Signatures Paper
Lilla Le Vine: Aztec Jungle
Lillian Mederak
Linda Shultz: Description:  Brayed and Stamped Acrylics
Mary Gangeri: Saran Wrap and Salt Paper
Maureen Blackman: Hand Stamped Paper
Ophelia Staton: Description Stencil and Stamped
Yooper Hill
Ophelia Staton: Description:Alcohol Inks
Yooper Hill: Coffee Paper
Gillian Allen: Fusion Paper
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This swap challenges us to decorate paper to see what we come up with. 6 10x8 sheets are exchanged. For the info on techniques used, click on the scan, use the back button to return. Mouse over scan for name of artist. Thank You to Christine Shebroe for hosting.
Darlene Weigle: Fusion technique with acrylic paint
Debra Cooper : Description: Stamped and layered papers
Judy Corona: Description: Foam Roller Designs
Karyn Gartel
Tina Shoaga: Deli paper and stencils
Shauna Palmer : Description: Grungy Background Paper