altered art card
altered art card
altered art card
altered art card
as time goes by: altered art card
The wit and wisdom of those who have lived before us, with us, and who will be here long after us, is so uplifting and inspiring to me in my artwork. I believe that people have so much to give of themselves, and it is the wisdom of their experiences that inspires me to preserve those pearls of wisdom in my artwork. The simplest quotations, and phrases that are conveyed in just a few brief snippets of the written word, conjure up images in my imagination immediately. I am always eager to put these ideas into motion and memorialize them in a meaningful way.

I live in Northern California with my wonderful husband and two children. They love to see me fast at work in my studio, and they are my biggest support system. I am free to do my work and to also be a homemaker. This is a dream come true for me, and I am so appreciative of the opportunity to do what I love.

For many years I have created folk art dolls and ornaments. I love to make things look time worn and aged, bringing the simplicity of the past to my busy life is very calming to me. As I experimented with mixed media and collage, I felt a greater freedom to express myself. Suddenly the simplest objects in life took on new meaning. Antique stores presented me with treasures I would have never recognized before. I love testing my creative boundaries, and altered art leaves plenty of room for this!

My greatest delight in collage and mixed media is texture. I love my paper art to Ďfeelí interesting. Some of the techniques I use to achieve this are to highlight corners or edges with distress ink. I simply take a cosmetic sponge and thump it into the ink of my choice and just touch up the edges of the paper. This gives the work an aged feeling, and I think, added dimension. Getting my fingers sticky and inky is great fun. Also, I love to use metallic Krylon pens on paper edges and found objects. The nice thing is that I donít have to limit my color palette with brown tones in order to achieve this look. Red, aqua, gold, and orange are some of my favorites.

Another method I like is layering. I will often use many layers of paper, fabric, and objects for the front of my book pages and art cards, and I even finish my art cards on the back as well. By the time I am done, my collages are very thick and heavy. It is my hope that the finished piece will make a connection with the person who holds it and touches it. I want them to feel like it was made especially for them.

My family always tells me that I go over the top when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and gift-giving. I never think I give enough. I guess it is because I feel like there are so many treasures in life waiting to be discovered in the form of experience and wonder. There are days I feel like a child on a beach jumping from one sea shell to the next, filling my bucket as I go. My tendency to overdo spills into my artwork sometimes, but in my defense, I think all of us put pieces of ourselves in our artwork. And this, I highly recommend you try to achieve because it will give you a peek into your own soul as you touch the souls of others.
Cristina Zinnia Galliher  
07 07

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