clever girl
I call these "book-ends."  They are made out of old encyclopaedia book covers that had nice printed marble papers on the inside.  I have been inspired by Lesley Riley's work and after taking a class with her, I found my way into using transfer techniques on paper and fabrics.  I also print many of the pictures and quotes directly onto fabric that I run through my inkjet printer.  I especially enjoy using vintage pictures, labels, game pieces, buttons,
a teacher, friend, wife, mother, flower gardener, creator.
my art evolves from functional but appealing fragments labels, stamps, postcards, letters, old photographs, magazine images
i collect too much, but find love in aging colors and designs, symmetry rules my layout, despite my desire to be more abstract
a magnet that always wants to point north
most of the time
i just give in.
Lisa Cook 2003
my journal book cover
up and away
woman bingo tag
lens necklace
fashion statement
joy in life
ya ya friendship
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