I got my coil binder (that I used to bind my trades with) from Bonnie at Bonnie's Best:  http://www.stampsalad.com.  It was not INexpensive but I find it worth it, both for art and for work projects.  She has a special usually on yahoo stamp artists list where you get extra coils with your purchase.  She's extremely pleasant to deal with.  By the way, I've used other materials to make my own coils.  With a little fiddling you can just punch with the binder then thread your own coils.  (I used florists wire, copper wire, and thread).  The binder is really just a paper punch and it sometimes doesn't do chipboard (it can jam up the works, Bonnie says). 
Catherine Withrow Nov 2001
My AC trade is a little simplistic...just a small spiral bound book using stamped envelopes as the 'pages'.  I used embossed wallpaper (painted and antiqued) to cover the boards, old photographs, maps, sheet music for the 'end papers'.  Each envelope was then filled with assorted ephemera.  Nothing much to it actually.
Make a collection of  your paper treasures, old  photos, tickets, and object trouve, into a series of envelopes and bind together, you could use accordian folds, here Catherine has used a coil binder. Coil binders are a quick and simple  way to make some interesting books
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