Dianna Rapp
Dianna Rapp
Helga Strauss cover
Karen Strauss
Sylvia Kleindinst
Sylvia Kleindinst
Sylvia Kleindinst
Gillan Allen/front of bag
Gillan Allen/backof bag
Shauna Palmer
Susan Cohen
Susan Cohen
Susan Cohen
Artist:  Sylvia Kleindinst
Title: Collage Enchantments
Statement: The three paintings of "Circus of Enchanted Souls"  are expressing the passage of time. I wanted to get the look of aged billboards which one often finds long after an event has past and the souls may imply
something that has happened in an earlier life or times. The
architectural detail suggests doors to enter or places which hold the souls and life and also suggest time. Colors were kept in rusty tones and some crackle glaze was used on one of the works. I enjoyed the painting experience and communicating a sense of life and romance that
may have been.
Materials:  For all three paintings I used: Acrylic paints, transfers, tape and tickets on two of them. The transfers were made by coating laser copies with acrylic gel. I used a special coated paper for the copies.
Then, when the gel was dry I placed them face down and ironed them onto the painting. A coat of acrylic gloss medium had also been applied to the painted surface first. I used a special tacking iron.
  To remove the paper backing, I took a wet cloth and rubbed off the paper. The transfer was left on the board. The clowns are from a book of old circus posters. Architectural details are from the book, "Victorian Brick and Terra-cotta Architecture" Dover Publication Figures are from a book called, "Collage and Decopauge Images" Dover Publication One picture is from an antique photo
Artist:  Helga Strauss
Title:  Circus Beauties: A 2001 Calendar
Materials:  Book pages, old postcards, glitter, embellishments, 3-d items, rhinestones, fabric, trims, candles, etc.
Statement:  I wanted to create a funky calendar filled with beautiful
showgirls.  I've been working with altered books a lot lately, so I used old book pages as a base for each individual collage.  Then, I made up
names for the women and altered their surroundings giving them lots of sparkle and glamour. 
Artist:  Karen Strauss
Title: Jumping Jack
iMaterials used: Cardstock, Bristol board,> watercolour pencils, permanent fine line black pen,  sequin stars, mini pom pons, ultra fine glitter,feathers, mini paper fasteners, and black silk ribbon.
Statement:  The black and white theme of the Studio magazine was what made we
think of a Pierrot figure for the swap. My little tight rope walker was an exercise to see if I could actually do a bit of drawing. It brought back memories of when I was little and used to make my own paper dolls clothing.
I found it challenging to make her move the way I wanted. As it usually is with a project such as this, the first was exhilarating and the duplicates were tedious. I think I would like to try my hand at more jumping jacks such as this.
Artist: Gillian Allen
Title: Bag of Enchantments
Materials: Silk and satin, glitzy/sheer/shimmery fabrics, beads,sequins.
Statement: Always wanted to try stamping onto fabric then embroidering it and making it into something tactile. When I'd finished decorating it, I sewed it into a silk lined bag, embellished with a row of antique bead fringing
Planning to do more as I love the dimension it brings to stamping
Dianna Rapp
Dianna Rapp
The work on this page is on the theme for The Studio Zine issue of Circus of Enchanted Souls, out later this year. Some of the pieces are being submitted for inclusion. The brief allows for any art medium, and has resulted in a variety of interpretaions by the artists. Each artist has kindly given information about their work
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Helga JanFeb
Artist:  Shauna Palmer
Title:  Imagine Allegory Box
Materials:  Hexagonal box, dice, cold lamination,
vitreous glass charms, genuine chinese coins, silk
fibers, rubber stamping, pastels, metallic and vanilla
coffee rub-ons, etc.
Statement:  I had been listening to John Lennon's
Imagine album and browsing throught a 1909 volume of Century magazines and was captivated by a plate titled "Allegory"  by an obscure artist.  The two just seemed to go together. Can you see the enchanted soul just peaking over the lady's shoulder as if summoned by the piper and the lady's own ephemeral beauty? And who could have possibly been more enchanted or mesmerizing in the 20th century than the creator of the Beatles?  John Lennon's words from Imagine surround a Zettiology beauty stamped on a miniature hanging that has been cold laminated and is enclosed in the box with the tassel popping out of the top.
Shauna Palmer
Artist: Suzanne Simanaitis
Title: La Femme a Barbe Tunnel Card
Materials: Cardstock, rubberstamps (Stampland, Beeswax), double-stick tape, leafing pen
Statement: Circuses freak me out. I'm literally terrified of clowns, so I knew early in this project that I was going to need to go more toward the "Enchanted Souls" end of the spectrum. And since I kept telling myself  how freaked out I was, naturally I turned to the Freak Show (Exhibition de
Monstres) for inspiration. After I settled on this idea, the execution  was
quick and easy, although it will be alright if I never cut out another  butterfly as long as I live.
Artist: Silver Moon
Title:   Circus Paris Box
Materials: 3" squared box with lid, wood balls for legs, clown head cake decoration, fibers, and vintage cracker jack toys
photocopies of old circus pics for booklet, paints,
embossing powders, and rubber stamps.
Statement:  I dream of Paris, I dream of the early days of the circus, and I dream of the clowns who've always made me smile, not only the circus clowns but the ones in our daily lives! I believe I have circus blood in my family, my great grandmother was from what I've heard ... a snake charmer from  France.  PS. I love Steve!
Artist: Susan Cohen
Title: Circus postcards
Materials-glossy card stock, Memories black ink,
stamps from Postmodern Design, Land of odde, Curtis Uyeda and unknown....
Statement: The idea was to portray the magic and mystery of the circus, as I remember it as a child. Also," the circus is coming to town" posters influence me, too.
Suzanne Simanaitis
Artist: Dianna Rapp
Title:  Vixens with Vice
Materials:  old photographs,book pages, watercolor,old coins and game pieces,chocolate wrappers,embellishments and old sewing items
Statement:  I have been working so much lately with old photographs and I wanted to create these pages of women with ATTITUDE.  These babes would be the main attraction in any ring!  I took the liberty of giving them names and having fun decided what their "act" would be.  I loved this project and enjoyed breathing new life into these old faded images.