Credit card examples by Gillian Allen
Plastic Fantastic Fabric Technique
I've been playing with this technique which I think has a lot of potential for many projects. I reminds me a bit of those plasticky table clothes you come across (not in my house) but with a vintage twist. It can look messy and grungy which is how I like it sometimes. The plasticky texture dosent show up on the little 9x4" sample book thingy scan I did. Some ideas for use, (unfortunately I always think practically) could be a credit card wallet, (you'd have to figure out the insides:), an ipod case, journal cover etc etc-would probably wipe clean.
Use whatever images, fabric, embellishments you have to hand for the first experiment just to see how it goes
·Regular Gel medium or pva glue ( I add water to the gel when it gets too thick)
Teflon pressing sheet (June Taylor ) This sheet is pretty useful when ironing stuff
·Fabric I used some calico
·Vintage images, Patterned Papers/tissues,printed ephemera,fabric scraps, lace etc
·Walnut ink or dye to wash over pics and stuff
·Iron, I keep an old one especially for craft, steam off. Highest heat

Cut your fabric and images, paint gel or pva onto fabric, paint on back of images and with any other stuff you want to try. Arrange collage style. See this as exploratory and what works better on other materials, try some lace, silk textured fabric, velvet, printed fabrics, papers and tissue.
Apply pva/gel medium all over the piece, not too thick especially over faces. You still want to see detail.
You could lay on some fancy fibres, glass glitter etc
Take this to the ironing board and sandwich in the Teflon pressing sheet. Iron steadily pressing all over with a very hot iron. You basically want to cook it. What you want is the gel/pva to set clear. There will be some hot steam so mind your fingers. Open up and let cool when it will go hardish.
Wash over with a faint tint/ink/colour to bring elements together if desired.
You can cover the back with a patterned tissue using the same process.
You can sew into it, attach eyelets, embellish with the usual flotsam and jetsam  .
Use in your next project. Oh the grunginess of it
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Gillian Allen :Experimental technique
Grungy Credit Card Wallet
Technique: Plastic Fantastic

A chance to create something experimental that will blow your socks off - get your folder of images at the ready, think old photographs, newspaper/magazine images, scraps of fabric, pieces of your own original artwork, those little pieces of decorated paper you couldn't bear to throw away, get them all out, surround yourself with these things, and start piecing them together by gluing with pva onto a fabric like calico. Allow it to develop without knowing where it will lead. 
Using the Plastic Fantastic technique create a credit card wallet approx 4.5" x 8 1/4" which will fold in half. You can stitch the surface and embellish it with your fun stuff. Themes could be, urban, whimsical, funky and most of all grungy. Incorporate an inner sleeve of clear soft plastic . Evie Zaccardelli.  See our
credit card wallet swap for more ideas 0507.
Gillian Allen :Experimental technique
Gillian Allen :Experimental technique
Gillian Allen :Experimental technique
Gillian Allen :Experimental technique Credit Card Wallet , front and back and instructions for the inside
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