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Dear Cath
It would be brilliant to do a webpage on your developements with digital art
I like the way you're using hand carved stamps with computer filters etc.
Im trying to do a section on digital art stuff and this would fit right in
a lot of people have no idea about using their pc in an artistic way with the use of softwear Anyway, if you felt like doing more examples plus writing about your methods, I think it would be a very interesting page Not neccessarily all in one go but over a period of time as you feel like it
See how you feel Gillian

by Catherine Withrow
Here's version 2 of Save Your Life ....different fills, colors, painted textures...maybe I like this one. April 2001 better?
Found Tarragona ~ great color, texture, Gillian.  Am going to look into Photoimpact6.  Will check in with you later. Cat

Just a quick note to let you know I found a copy of PhotoImpact6 at a bargain price ($70.00).  I just loaded it and have been fooling around with it.  I clearly have no clue what I'm doing but I think I'll keep a log of my learning in anticipation of writing up Cat something for site.  Pretty impressive program...thanks for the recommendation.Cat
Dear Catherine
Im so pleased you got a copy -cheap at that
yes it will take some time to get used to it
there is so much on it, as you say
I use a Wacom-pressure sensitive tablet to draw
with Im not saying they're indespensible
but I cant draw with the mouse
I got one for my birthday a few years back
and its like drawing with pen or pencil on paper
Here is a group it might be interesting to join-
you can ask questions and get ideas
PhotoImpact Resource Center (PIRC)
Well, I'm hooked....entirely your fault.  Here's one of my 'tests'....a little predictable but ooooh, such fun.  Working away...thinking about the page for your site....maybe a 'before/after  - see what you can do approach???' Cat
I'm still practicing...let me send you several more in the next 10 days...
then you'll have something to pick and choose from. May 2001
Hi Gillian~ came home a day early from work  and found your note.  Thanks for the compliment.  Actually this was very easy to do because I used non-copyright clipart (I have a subscription to ARTODAY) then just layered, filtered (creative lighting), colored, added the text - was showing another artist friend (Lea Cioci - she has a piece at art-e-zine) when we had an art day last weekend.  It took about 10 minutes....very easy.  I started the tutorials but had trouble with yahoo and uploading so I haven't gotten back to it yet.  Been playing with the drawing, painting tools this week.

I will draft up an outline for the page/..but...I just love this program).  I thought about the style of it and blending it with the rest of your zine....perhaps something a little 'artsy'.  My underlying theme is tools...the idea of using all the tools available to you...or something like that.  I ran across VanGogh's quote again this week:  "If someone tells you that you cannot paint, continue painting and the voice will go away..." (that's a very loose quotation but you catch my drift).  I do like the idea of taking a plain scan (clipart or original work) and showing different effects/techniques from a (very) beginners standpoint. Cat
I'm going to approach the idea of using the computer as art tool from the
perspective of a beginner (which I am) and learn from the process.  I used
an even simpler graphics program for the piece I sent you.  My other
graphics programs are business oriented (for my work) I'm frustrated
with its limitations so  I'm getting paint shop pro next week.  As long as
you aren't looking for a finished page very soon, I'd really like to work
on this project.
Glad you liked the font sources. I'm not sure I saw the Tarragona page~are those your Spain trip - under the Digital Camera listing on the mai page?Cat

Dear Cath
Thats brilliant news, Thanks for giving it a go
its just what Im looking for and yes you'll learn a lot from
doing it- thats how I learn programmes and I make a lot of mistakes
but you find out a lot more than you expected to
The Tarragona page link is just under the digital camera link I used the filter effects to merge the photos into the background which I made to look like an old distressed wall
Backgrounds on the internet can be a bit boring so I like to experiment
and do something new each page.
Paint Shop Pro has lots of filters, paper textures and photographic tools
any thing I can help with just buzz
Im working off and on between other things, a digital journal whereby
I try to explain what I just did, if I can remember, using all the many
effects and gizmos in PhotoImpact6, but its looking a bit messy
or you could say freeform, but its the only way for me to get to know
the prog-lots of fun as well, just wish I had more time. Perhaps
I'll load up bits of it at a time and add to it when I can 
I was just thinking PhotoImpact6 is probably about the same price as
Paint Shop Pro but from an artists point of view is much more exciting
and it can do the same things as PSP and much much more, lots more
filters, artists brushes and fun things and the user manual is quite simple
You can write type on a squiggley line and colour it in with a picture
Thank you Gillian -
I promised myself that I would take the risk this year and show some of my stuff...I'm uncharacteristically insecure about my art work...being new to it and all.  Some of my pieces are digital collage but I think they may be a little too rough for your readers who use sophisticated
software programs.  I'm intrigued by the idea of writing a page for you and will work up some samples over the next few months for your review. 
Thanks for the offer.  The type face on the makeart piece is pythagorus.  I've found a couple of good free font resources that you may want to check out:  (example:  ART  ART))
Just a brief note to tell you how inspiring I find your site.  I'm re-discovering my creativity, so to speak, and your articles, art work and ideas have sparked my imagination.  Thanks for the incredible work you must put into this site.Cat
Illinois - USA
In February 2001 Cath  sent me this background picture she'd done  with sponges, and a hand made stamp, scanned it in and added some digital lettering
From a complete beginner in digital art Cath with e-mails, and her increasingly proficient artwork, charts her progress scroll clockwise
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love fresco
I've attached 'another one' - I think I might be getting better? (not fishing here just looking for your objective prints well...think it will make a journal cover)  Time to write something, huh?  21st July 2001
United Flag
baseball in sepia
Catherine created a series of digital collages for the Americana art exchange, which you can see here along with the other works
July 1st 2001
She went looking
been playing this afternoon instead of chores....)4th July 2001
On the road/ Catherine Withrow
original photo taken through the windowscreen
.  I'm guessing that you were wondering about the drive piece and the three little mini pics in the corner?  They are duplicates of an altered copy of the original photo.  I open an additional page on my screen, insert the photo...alter it etc., size it by using the ruler, grid feature on the very bottom right hand side of your screen and also the resize icon on my toolbar.  Once I have it the way I want it I drag it to the main collage, place it and then, in this case I duplicated it twice then recolored two of them. August 2001