Christine's Dotology Book, altered book page
Christine's Dotology Book, altered book page
Linda's Pink and Orange Book, altered book page
Linda's Pink and Orange Book, altered book page
Theresa 2 altered book page
Theresa's Manuscript Journal, Textbooks and Textures, Altered book page
 Tally Side page 3 , altered book page
I love ArtChix 5
Bmuse Wings, atc
The Good Pair of Shoes Fairy, atc
 Pocket with Hands for sign in
Pocket Fairies
Strange New Dimension, altered book page
Valentine Collage, art-e-zine Valentine canvas swap
Red 2
Red 1
Purple and Green inside spread 1, altered book page
Purple and Green sign in page, altered book
altered book pagealtered book pagealtered book pagealtered book page
altered book page
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I have always loved to draw, and have been commissioned for several portraits over the years.  However, I became frustrated with the “exactness” of doing portraits.  I wanted something more creative, something wild and free for my soul.

I ventured into mixed media and have never looked back.  I love finding ephemera and finding ways to incorporate it into my art.  Inspiration can be found everywhere: on the odd matchbook cover, architecture, fabrics and nature.  I always carry a small journal with me.  If I like the color combination or design found in carpet, fabric or nature, I quickly jot it down in my journal to repeat in my art work.  I may not use it immediately, but looking back thru the journal is always inspiring, and a good way to rejuvenate your muse.
Caryl Hoobler 2007
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Caryl Hoobler has created many a beautiful  atc in swaps with art-e-zine and is a prolific published artist, trying out different media, ideas and styles all with her love of pattern and texture . Here is just a small sampling of her work
Paper Shrine