Lilla Le Vine
Christine Shebroe
Mercedes Jimenez
Nia Draper
Pat MacMicken
Sheri Leseberg
The background is a mish-mosh of techniques -- it's my favorite way to paint.  I just keep adding layers of paint and scraping them off with either a credit card or a paper towel.  For some layers, I use sandpaper.  Eventually it looks the way I want it to - usually not the way I first intended it to look .... you never know what you'll get.  Then I add stamping or text - this time I used a film canister to make circles, then added another layer or 2 of paint.  Ta-Da!
Three handcut stencils, spraypainted on canvas 8x10 board. I like the fact that you can make multiples of your image and play about with colour variations and background treatments, for which this one I did many.
I used layers of papers , paint and fabric, also some oil pastels and china marker. 
Glenda Bailey
Susan Burgess
Karen Hall
Katelyn Thomas
I like to use  a canvas coloured with paints I have mixed myself, often adding embossing powders or glitter to the paint, over layered papers, sometimes with a thin acrylic wash on top.I often add small charms or other found objects to enhance the canvas. This particular canvas celebrates woman.
I did a paper collage with lots of layers of papers, distress inks and texture and my all time favorite subject:  Birds.   But my favorite new technique is using Ranger's crackle paint.  It actually crackled a bit more than I might have wanted, but since I was going for a "weathered barn" type look, it did turn out just right.  It seems to work the very best when there is no medium applied in between the layers of the collage. 
This piece was made by painting two pieces of bondaweb (Wonder Under in the U.S.) and sandwiching a variety of sheer and organza fabrics between them. The seated figure was a scan from one of my drawings, which was scanned, printed onto ink-jet transparency paper and transferred onto coloured tissue paper.  She was then placed in the right position on top of the bondaweb sandwich. The sandwich – was then placed onto chiffon, with another layer of chiffon on the top and the free machine embroidery and hand stitching done. The words around the edge were also done with ink-jet transfer onto tissue.
Image is a photo embedded in handmade paper from Tibet. Dimensional wallpaper torn and applied to edges. Washed with sepia glaze with hints of gold. Sprinkle of glitter around girl's head. Embellishments then added, stars, old crochet, pieces of trim and words. I bought the photo in Paris.
I´m a needleworker who found art work through scrapbooking , my other hobby. I try to use scrap of fabrics, ribbons, buttons,fibbers, laces on my canvas work with a shabby chic style or vintage.My family worked with fabrics and laces so was easy to me to add these things to my art. I try to use some  new technique when I start a new one and play and play until I feel  it is on my taste.Of course I love to add any  nice paper or ephemera and do some decoupage. I like each canvas be  unique and enjoy adding some acrilics paints trying a nice effect.
Belinda Spiwak
Lou McCulloch
Canvas Technique: Glossy magazine page altered with Citrasol wash, scratched texture, acrylics, gesso and copy of a vintage photograph. Sealed with clear matte spray, gesso and copy of a vintage photograph.  Sealed with clear matte spray.
Mary Ann Severin
Belinda Spiwak has done a step by step tutorial on her Favourite technique for you . Click Here
Free Counters
We have come a long way from rubberstamping, where most of us started. We have learned so much on our journey. Collage, transfers, paint techniques, digital imaging, faux fun, maybe some stencilling, the list goes on. Usually we work on paper and, quite small. So here's a chance to work bigger 8x10, 8x8 ins, and something you can hang on the wall. The Theme is wherever the Muse takes you and we have briefly given our favourite technique info.  Mouse over canvas for artist
I used layers of acrylic paint and rubber stamped images for the background and a gel medium image transfer and layers of vintage paper on top.
Sheila Earhart
I don't really have a favorite technique anymore then I have a favorite colour! I love to experiment with all type of media though. So I guess mixed media collage is my favorite. Whatever my theme or ideas are on a project I like to work around that. I really love to paint and splash paint and show storkes and textures I love to layer things like modelling paste and tissue paper even napkins or embossing powders. I love found objects and pieces of nature. Demension and texture are my favorite things but I love anything interesting or beautiful.
My favorite canvas technique collage on an acrylic background.  I like to use vintage post cards, fabric, feathers, tissue paper, inks, markers.  I like to lay down a wash of some sort toward the end, and always embellish the piece with doodles using uniball signo pens, especially the white soufflé and the black.  When finished, I like to use something to border the edges such as an old tape measure, buttons, ribbons, etc.
A layered collage of fabric/paper and embellishments and images with an acrylic wash using several colors taken from the fabric colors.  Finally sprayed the entire thing with Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze. Just a point of interest, the fabric pieces are actually some men's ties that I found.