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hello my name is Brendan Walker i thought i'd submit some stuff since i do alot of it any way i'm starting a college higher national certificate in digital media in a month all this art was made using tickets .....scratchs smudges .....anything i could find which i thought would have some art value either scanned it through or uploaded the pictures made them into brushs and boom
....theres the final products i've got tons more that i've done but this is my latest work ....not the best i must admit but its new........

Digital Brushes made from old tickets sounds interesting to me, Photoshop is a place for pure experimentation with new effects and typographic explorations. A great platform for an artist just starting out. At 17 our youngest artist about to start College, we all wish him bon chance!.
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i've been doing this for roughly a year and a half now it all started when a friend of mine got me Photoshop for my christmas so i started playing
around using screen shots from computer games .....using other peoples
material which i felt really bad about lol so i found some brushes on the net (
Nocturna brushes can be downloaded from here)
some of them are used here but most of it is mine ...i'm also a font freak i
love fonts heh.anyway i started really doing good work when i joined the ghost productions team they make websites ........the owner is 16 years old and made
pretty rank websites lol i made awesome graphics and it was only my graphics
that was selling but he never sent me ANY money so i said fine ....i'm leaving
but 2 weeks later he goes out and buys a bmw so i was mighty annoyed ......i
did nothing about it and continued making graphics and now .....2 months
later this is the stuff your seeing over 1 1/2 years of experience at home
using Photoshop and a range of plug ins and home made brushes .....i cant
wait to start college =)
Nocturna has created many Photoshop Brushes for use in your Digital artwork. Check them out here