Lyn Klauzer, Ginseng 5 ins high, Blue wired bottle 4 ins, Egyptian bottle 5 ins high
Belinda Schneider, Victorian bottles, approx 4 3/4 inches high
Gillian Allen, Art Deco/20's bottles 4 inches high
Gillian Allen, polymerclay gems and tortoishell beads, top, detail
Gillian Allen, Fairy bottle,4 inches high
Nina Owens, salt shaker bottle, 3 1/2 ins
Melissa Woolsey, 4 inches high
Belinda Schneider
In Germany, alcohol and such mini bottles are sold in every
supermarket. Because of the variety, I chose different shapes and colors. In the end, I painted them all with Lumiere paint though. I put on several layers of metallic russet and dabbed on some copper on one, just one single layer of halo blue/gold on the beaded one and several layers of metallic olive green and brass for the others. I found lovely images from
ArtChixStudio collage sheets which were collaged onto vintage German text with YES! glue. Golden paper borders and computer generated text were attached the same way. I painted a layer of watered down acrylics  over all the text. Ribbon was attached with carpet tape. On one bottle, I beaded a fringed border and attached it with Diamond Glaze. For the beaded
borders, I measured out some Wonder Tape and attached 3 different colors of beads. On some bottles I attached fibres, beads and charms. From large bottle corks I carved out mini closure.
Gillian Allen
To transform these food colouring bottles into fairy  and art deco perfume bottles I first started by covering the tops with black polymer clay, pushing into a shape. Then assorted gems and jewels were inserted. The fairy top was given a coating of gold leafing size, and when dry covered with fantasy leaf flakes by Amy's Magic. Clay was impressed into the backs of brass charms and then arranged around the necks of the bottles with a brushing of metallic gold and bronze. Tortoiseshell beads and Swarovski crystal was used on the deco top. These were fired for 25 mins. For the images I printed photos which I found on the internet onto Lazertran inkjet waterslide decals. Applied these to the bottles, I gave them a coat of Future/Clear floorwax by Johnson's to stop them going transparent before I applied a coating of Diamond Glaze to make them shiny. The deco bottles were painted with blue glass paints. Embellished with fibres, crystal beads, charms,
resin pieces, wire and digitally created labels.
Transform and create your own unique fantasy faux bottles from  old bottles into one of a kind collectibles. Choose any theme from Arts Deco and  Nouveau, Victorian , Fantasy or Contemporary, whatever you fancy, using Lumiere/ glass paints, printed labels, fibres, beads, polymer clay, found objects etc. A fun project that can use many skills, as our swappers show below. Thank you all for participating
Nina Owens
I bought my bottles at Walmart - they are salt & pepper shakers. I
liked the method I did so much that I redid them on larger (and
heavier) bottles for the Michaels website: here
Marylou Farley
I was really surprized how difficult this turned out to be and my finished bottles are not what I pictured in my mind-- first the painting-- the purple and silver one was supposed to be more marbled but the paint kept flowing right down to the bottom.  the second one I used a green frosted glass spray which ended up too bright, hence the tissue overlay-- the third I wanted to use the frost clear spray and some luminere to get the right color--- boy when I was shaking them up it did something,& when I let my finger off the bottle----pow it exploded all over the place.   not the glass but the paint. What I envisioned was more decoupage and collage but on this size scale it didn't work for me. Well everything is a learning experience I still plan to try more on larger bottles someday.
Sally White
I painted (actually stippled) the bottles with various colors of Lumiere. Then added the beads  with E6000. For the larger bottles the "stopper" is a round ceramic bead rolled first in E6000, then rolled in beads (messy as the glue kept dripping off). The larger are insulin bottles saved for me by a co-worker.
Mo Wassell
My bottles are all vintage ones I've collected (I have wayyyyyyyyyy more than I could ever use!!!!). One is an old ink bottle (it has raised lettering on the bottom and I left it uncovered), one is an old perfume bottle, and the other is taller (maybe 6"?) but very slender, so I'm not sure what it was originally used for - maybe a medicine? They are all done with an oriental flair - variations of the same theme. I have some old newspapers (Chinese? Japanese? I'm not sure) and I covered the bottles with strips of that, haphazardly, then tore bits of various Joss papers I have to give splashes of color. Then each bottle has wire and beads incorporated somehow - the tall one the wire spirals around the length of the bottle, the other two the wire is wrapped around the neck, and all have various beads interspersed.
Marylou Farley,  Passions Potion, Star Dreams and Secrets of the Sea Maiden approx 3 1/2 inches high
Mo Wassel, Mo Wassel Chinease collage bottle, 2 1/2 inches
Mo Wassel, Mo Wassel Chinease collage bottle, 3 inches high
Mo Wassel Chinease collage bottle 5 3/4 inches
Sally White, small beaded bottles 2 3/4 inches with mini 1 1/4 inches
Ellen Gradman
My bottles are "I dream of Jeannieish" and are glass embellished with sculpy
Linda Reid
They are amber glass bottles about 5" tall. I got them from American Science and Surplus. I have decoupaged sheer mulberry paper all over and decorated the front with a molded polymer clay medallion. It is further embellished with a polymer clay topped rubber cork, beads and fibers!
Additional work
Ellen Gradman, Sculpy polymer clay covered bottles, 6 1/2 inches high
Teresa Lipiec, 2 1/2 inches high
Teresa Lipiec
"I got these bottles in a gift set - the bottles were lovely complete
with corks, but the bath salts they contained were pretty yukky.
I basically sponged them with Lumiere paints
Purple - squiggled on sparkily dimensional paint, dotted on gunmetal dimensional paint, added purple flowers around the neck, the cork was painted - beads attached with more dimensional paint (Jones Tones & Tulip)
Green and Green/Pink - glued pictures & words added flowers or charms to the neck, used dimensional paint to attach beads to corks."
Lyn Klauzer
I got them either in dollar stores, thrift shops or craft stores and sponged them with Jacquard-brand paints.  Then I attached paper w/Golden's medium, fibers, beads and found-objects.  One of them I used a plastic piece from a chess set for the top. 
Linda Reid, 5 1/2 inches high
A J Rose, 4 1/2 inches high
Tamara Saranpaa
Tamara Saranpaa
Gillian Allen, Fairy bottle, 4 inches high
Tamara Saranpaa
Both are decorated with multiple shades of purple. The smaller bottle has a fairy stamped on a mini-domino.
The larger bottle with the 3 women has 3 strands of beads around the neck and several types of fiber. The face that you see next to the bottle is the top of the cork
Both bottles where painted with Nail Polish and covered with clear wood varnish.
Linda Reid, polymerclay top, detail
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