Board books can be vintage or funky or whatever theme you like, you can add fabrics, fibers, wire on objects, glue objects (use diamond glaze, E-6000, or heavy gel medium for heavier objects), use them as journals or just about anything you like! They are sturdy, smaller and I have glued, heated, painted, wired and even sewn in them! they come in many sizes and some with few pages and others with more!
I like to start by sanding my books lightly with a medium grit and then fine grit small piece of sand paper or I have a small disc with foam in center that I use! don't need to sand much just enough to get some tooth to your papers so can glue or paint or DTP ink etc! I use a Tombow glue stick to adhere all my papers and fabric as well! I'm sure you can use gel medium or other glue sticks this is what works well for me! I have applied ink DTP or even from the ink refill bottles with a cosmetic sponge to create backgrounds and also paint depends on the mood or what I feel like playing with! The book I created for my dear friend Sally was all pieces of paper torn in pieces and applied as I like. Each piece I use dark brown chalk cat's eye ink pad to darken the torn edges to take the white edges off! can use whatever colors you like but helps paper to blend in better! Glue down with glue stick and then used ink DTP or paint to add another texture. I like to add stamped images as well for backgrounds and texture too! I used images that I felt reflected her and what I like about her and how she really is as a great friend and person! I enjoy working in these small books, and hope that others will try them as well

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