Gillian Allen, book cover
Gillian Allen, inside book cover
Gillian Allen, book pg1&2
Gillian Allen, book pg3&4
Gillian Allen, book pg5&6
Patti Sandham , card
The  stamps used on the cover and inside cover are by Kate Gallegos Photoart Stamps
Meg Green Malvasi, Cigarette Box Shrines
Meg Green Malvasi, Cigarette Box Shrines
Pillar Pollock,Bad Girl Quick Kits
Pillar Pollock,Bad Girl Quick Kits
Silver Moon, shrine journals
Silver Moon, shrine journals
Pilar Pollock , California
Bad Girl Quick Kits  Cheap perfume, nail polish, lip gloss and gum!
Also included are these  digitally created stamps

Meg Green Malvasi, Virginia Cigarette Box Shrines
Silver Moon, Arizona
shrine journals 8 1/2 by 11
Gillian Allen UK
Handmade book
Patti Sandham
hand drawn and painted set of cards
Sylvia Kleindinst, Mae West Homage Dolls, ticker tape box and accordion book
Cynthia Weed, Muccha Formica Chip Necklaces
Cynthia Weed, Muccha Formica Chip Necklaces
Muccha poster
Muccha poster
Muccha poster
Cynthia Weed, Wyoming
Muccha Formica Chip Necklaces
Megan Quinlan, Laminated, plastic bead necklaces
Megan Quinlan, Laminated, plastic bead necklaces
Megan Quinlan, Laminated, plastic bead necklaces
Megan Quinlan,   Massachussets
Laminated, plastic bead necklaces
Sylvia Kleindinst, New York
Mae West Homage Dolls,
ticker tape box and accordion book
Melissa Woolsey, Peep Show Altoid Shrines
Melissa Woolsey, New Orleans, Louisiana
Peep Show Altoid Shrines
Nina Owens, Collaged CD Tins
Nina Owens, Collaged CD Tins
Nina Owens, Collaged CD Tins
Clarissa Sharp,Oklahoma
Altoid Shrines
Nina Owens,Texas
Collaged CD Tins
Clarissa Sharp, Altoid Shrines
Clarissa Sharp, Altoid Shrines
Clarissa Sharp, Altoid Shrines
Sylvia Kleindinst, Mae West Homage Dolls
Shauna Palmer, Eve necklace
Shauna Palmer, Eve necklace, detail
Shauna Palmer, Eve necklace,
I went with the original temptress/ femme fatale...Eve
I used a pattern from a class I took at Art Contiuum AC 2001. Stamps are from Lazar Studiowerx, Magenta and Zettiology...(Teesha's  Words--yummy!). I stamped the cardstock with watermark ink and embossed with 3 colors of embossing powder. Copper and aluminium eyelets, Artprint brown ink, and Pearlescent Copper were also used.  The little pocket inside the necklace is a folded piece of wrapping paper. The necklace is strung on antique ribbon with glass beads, keys, dominoes and poetry beads.
Shauna Palmer, Utah
Eve necklace
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Bad Girls are back again by popular demand, the artists had so much fun creating them first time round they wanted to do it all again. Shauna Palmer accepted the challenge to host. Thanks to her skilful scanning we present you with a dazzling array of great variety. Click here for the first Femme Fatale extravaganza
Gillian Allen
I used  washes of umber and turquoise  acrylic paint on anaglypta wallpaper covered card for the covers. Tied with dyed silk or organdie ribbons through holes with eyelets. Inside and on the front are
Kate Gallegos (Risqué sheet) photoart stamps.The inside page images were printed on photoquality inkjet paper which  allows you to overlay washes of acrylic, metallic paints and pastels fixed with a fixative. The backgrounds were also washed and sponged with paints. Stamped with various images from Acey Deucy, Catherine Perkins and unmounteds from Stamp Cabana.The pages were glued together and then to the covers
Patti Sandham
Josephine was most famous for her dancing and took Paris by storm becoming popular overnight for her wild, passionate and uninhibited dances. She often wore very little and became famous for her banana dance when she showed up wearing a small skirt of bananas strung together (and little else!). While living in France she joined the resistance during World War II and smuggled messages hidden in her music sheets.
I downloaded several images and decided to sketch some. I sketched three altogether and then scanned them in. In Photoshop I added the text and then changed it to sepia tone. Then I printed out a copy onto watercolour paper and added washes with watercolour. I liked the effect so I decided to matt them. I purchased 8x10" mattes and stamped them each differently. What a charismatic character she was, and so photogenic!
Clarissa Sharp
The altoid tins are painted with metallic paint and collaged with Artchixstudio images and little rhinestones, cracked mirror and little bits. What's in the bottles? drink it and see..... Actually, it's a bit of distilled water, tinted with a few drops of Ranger's vintage ink (honey almond, I think), so if someone DID open and smell it, it'd be nice. And shimmered with a bit of Winsor and Newton's gold calligraphy ink. So you could use it as ink if you really wanted to. Maybe.
Pilar Pollock
Bad Girl Kits: The thought occurred to me, how wonderful it would be if there was such thing as a quick kit or survival kit for us gals with all the ingredients to a bad girl. Although I do not possess such magical charms, I though the idea of a bad girl kit, complete with the tools of the trade (e.g., lip smackers, nail polish, perfume and bubble gum) was a step in the right direction. (see below).
Sylvia Luna aka Silver Moon
My Femme Fatale Journals were made using an Accucut shrine diecuts.This spiral bound notebook  is made using a die from Accu-Cut. The window depicts a photo of a "woman in charge!" saying I'm sick but I'm pretty"
. The quote is a lyric used from one of my bad girl music diva's, Alanis Morissette. Notebook was made using  glazes, and lots of foiling.  
Silver Moon   Ps  I love Steve!
Sylvia Kleindinst, New York
homage to Mae West....ticker tape boxes with famous Mae West sayings hand printed on satin ribbons and photo printed fabric dolls.
We had so much fun doing this subject and decided to do a second round. I choose Mae West as I admire her free spirit and wanted to share some of her famous quotes. To do this, I wrote them on a ribbon and rolled it up in a painted box with a slit, so you can pull it out and read as you go.  I also included a stuffed doll and a little booklet with pictures of Mae wearing many of her movie costumes. With this grouping, you get several ways to
appreciate Mae!
Nina Owens
my inspiration came from the images themselves. I love the pin-up images of yesterday, so risqué, yet so tasteful. Just a glimpse, with a lot left to the imagination. As for the piece itself, the tin is an advertising CD tin. Each of the images has a
different aging technique used on it. The cover image has Delta's 2-step crackle finish, one is aged with coffee, one with Delta's Instant Age varnish and another with a one step crackle medium, with a glaze varnish applied on top to activate the crackle.
Megan Quinlan (far left)
I have to admit I have been soo busy lately, I haven’t had much time to do art…(save for the altered books of course.) So I have to admit something…I actually made these necklaces a while ago when I was doing jewellery making (before I ever got into books).  But I found them just the other day and thought I should send them in because they really seemed to fit with the bad girls theme. I have always loved the image of strong women with a lot of confidence…these images seemed to convey that in a playful sense and I thought it would be fun to actually wear them.  Now the lamination is actually something I had done in New Jersey at a repro store.  But you can have it done at just about any copy shop.  Most offer laminating and it’s the “gauge” that makes it thick.  If you ever have it done, ask for “10 mil.”  Not every place goes up to this thickness…most go up to 8 mil.(which can work), but every once in a while you can find a places that goes higher and it makes a difference if you are going to be making jewellery.
Melissa Woolsey
Stamp credits...Artchixstudio. Directions: paint tin mint can with acrylic paint in pearl black three times. Stamp images onto glossy card stock in black permanent ink and cut out. Stamp nude on black matte card stock with silver ink. Bend and crinkle the playing card and dtp with butterscotch ink to age the card. Computer generate words "one eyed jack" and "jack of one eye", print out on bond paper. Glue lace and letter beads and all other pieces as shown.
Kathryn Immonen
It's Colette! That minx to beat all minxes, that cross-dressing, cigarette smoking, all-round girlfriend of nefarious types. Who used to only write on pale blue paper because anything else hurt her eyes. I just adore her. The paper dolls inside are a tribute to her stage career. And who can resist a box with wings. Everyone go read The Pure
and the Impure.
info on the artwork supplied by some of the artists, point on the pictures for their names
Kathryn Immonen, Colette box
Kathryn Immonen, Colette box
Meg Green Malvasi,
Cigarette Box Shrines
Cynthia Weed,
Muccha Formica Chip Necklaces
Pillar Pollock,Bad Girl Quick Kits, Faux postage stamps included
Pillar Pollock, Bad Girl Quick Kits
Doreen Motheral,Bentwood box 4x6 collaged and painted with Lumiere.
Doreen Motheral,
Bentwood box 4x6 collaged and painted with Lumiere.