Living in Germany is almost like living in a mixed media art dessert.
However,thanks to the internet, Somerset Studio and caring and sharing friends
from abroad, I am well informed about techniques, new media etc. Since mixed media retreats are also non-existant in Europe, I travelled to Cleveland, OH and
attended Art Continuum 2002 for the first time. Amongst other, I had the great
pleasure of taking a class with Nina Bagley. I am fascinated by her use of tarnished copper wire mesh which opened new doors to my artwork, in particular to my altered books. The tarnished copper mesh looks rusty and has a wonderful vintage look. Nina tarnishes copper wire mesh (silver is possible too) with liver of
sulphur. While I'm at tarnishing, I also dip in wire, metal foil etc. Wire mesh is best
attached with eyelets. You can either use a Japanese screw punch for making
holes through the mesh. I use a hammer and a simple holemaking tool
which came with my eyelet setter set. It worksjust perfectly. Another thing I like about using wire mesh is that it gives your eyelets stability and allows you to attach danglings or anything else to it. Long eyelets are available from Coffee Break Design and allow you to attach thicker layers. I also like the look of brass wire mesh. A tarnished look can be achieved by painting on acrylic paints. You can read all about Nina's original techniques and see related artwork in the Nov/Dec 2002 issue of Somerset Studio.   Belinda Schneider Dec 2002                   Here are some useful urls:-
Nina Bagley's website                Copper Wire Mesh   (Michaels carries this)
Liver of Sulphur                          Art Continuum
All images are from the great range of collage sheets at    Art Chix Studio
See more of Belinda's work here
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