Gillian Allen : Fronts
Gillian Allen : Backs
Kari Gibson : front
Pat Condra :front
Pat Condra: back
Kari Gibson : back
Evie Zaccardelli : back
Evie Zaccardelli : Front
Jen Maddison : back
Jen Maddison : front
Robin Bartoletti : front
Robin Bartoletti : back
Pat Macmicken : fronts
Pat Macmicken : backs
Pat Macmicken : front
Pat Macmicken : back
Useful for storing ATCs or accidental repairs, these tins are ready for altering and embellishing to your hearts content, which is what our swappers have done here.
Thank you to Evie for scanning seemingly impossible 3D objects for us to see the work
Band Aid Tins for Altering
WHOLESALE-CRAFT-OUTLET (search for Band Aid Tin  3 for $9.99)
Vintage Band Aid Tins Collection

Add your altered Band Aid Tins to this page scan at 150dpi Black background and submitt to art  at
Sue Simpson : Fronts
Sue Simpson : backs
Linda Koch front
Linda Koch : back