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I created this place for your enjoyment and to make online buddies
this yahoo group has as many great features as you could want to meet people who share a common interest in the sort of work thats shown on art-e-zine, Somerset Studio and other zines and sites with creativity in mind. So log on and check it out

Members area 
go to members area and it will show you whose online at the time
(get yahoo messenger show yourself online and send instant messages to add to your friends list, use voice chat or view your webcam--makes a big difference to see someone)

Chat room
talk with one person or many more when they are there   

Leave messages
  arrange times to chat to anyone anywhere in the world, leave a joke, sell some stuff, do a trade, share what you like doing

Members Public Profiles-- fill these in with the areas your interested in, add a photo or video if you like. Members have an ID on yahoo, with a profile page

Lots more stuff (like showing your recent artwork and polls) which we can get into later

The Cafe has just opened and I hope you drop by and become a regular visitor--it all depends on your participation
A laid back sort of a place where ya can chill 'n meet some cool new pals just like you
Megan Whisner altered book
put your feet up sit back and enjoy a cupa coffee, see who's online and chataway
click on the cup to visit
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Want to know what time it is in the rest of the world??
Real Easy--right click on your time clock (right hand corner of your screen) go Adjust Date/Time. Click on Time Zone arrow- in the pop up you will see a list of the time differences all over the world ie
(GMT-08.00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) that means I would go back 8 hours for Pacific Time (I'm in the UK) or (GMT+08.00) Perth add on 8 hours

Open from day into night
am to pm
365 days a year 24 a day