Annette Priest Acey Deucy Card
Annette Priest Acey Deucy card
Annette Priest Doll Tag
Annette Priest acey deucy card
When I was 17 I began making crafts of all kinds.  I won 3rd place in an ornament contest in my hometown, which pushed me to continue making things. have been creating primitive crafts which include dolls, wood items,garden signs, etc. for about 23 years.  I have sold wholesale to shops in 5 different states while home with my daughter after she was born.
About 5 years ago I went back to work full time and since then my craft making has decreased.  I tryed stamping the summer of 1999, and have become obsessed.  I now own about 350 stamps.  My style has changed from cutsy to artsy.  I much prefer artsy and love doing tags.  I am
Secretary to our Asst. Principal at our High School, I have a 13 yr old daughter, Kristen, and own a home with my fiance, Steven.  We have been together 7 years with no immediate plans of marriage.  Life is good
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