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Wall Hanging detail, work in progress
This is part of a larger work 'in progress' and is very textural. Just about everything here is hand-dyed, either with silk dyes or natural dyes, and illustrates what I think is so magical about art i.e. anything and everything can be used, it is there at our fingertips. This is made wholly from odds and ends, scraps of ribbon, stamped cloth, ratty old lace edging, a discarded pillowcase. It's also exemplary of how I tend to work --- I'm always experimenting with this and that. I plunge into a technique (in this case, I think I had just come upon the concept of ribbon embroidery), then experiment and play, adding and building up -sometimes covering up --- layers until I end up with something that seems to work.
My name, for purposes of authenticity, is Ann Peterson, also known as Studio Beau. AnnBeau is a nickname that other silly cyber artists have dubbed me. And Beau was my beautiful rescued French Bulldog who brought me so much joy that one day I just started making things. Here is a selection of my fabric quilted collages.
WebCam at Muir Beach San Francisco where you might see Ann walking Beau if  you're quick